Talking about Mabu Fish Processing Technology

Talking about Mabu Fish Processing Technology

Horse fish commonly known as big fish, slender body. Slightly cylindrical, generally 17 to 24 cm in length and weighing 50 to 100 grams. The upper jaw is triangular. Equal to the length and width, the jaw is extended into a scallop. The teeth are small, the body is finely rounded, and the midline of the back has a wide emerald vertical band. The dorsal and anal fins are opposite to each other and are located behind the body; the pectoral fins are high and yellow; the caudal fins are fork-shaped, pale green, and the lower leaves are slightly longer than the upper leaves. Located in the western North Pacific. China is only produced in the Yellow Sea and the Bohai Sea, mostly in shallow sea estuaries and sometimes in freshwater rivers. Liaoning, Shandong, and other coastal areas are widely distributed, and are the main economic fish species in the north. The processed Mabu fillets and dried fish are popular with Japanese and Korean people.

Economic value: It is a sea miscellaneous fish. Because of its short growth cycle, fast generational renewal, and easy replenishment of resources, it often maintains a certain catch. The market price is low and popular with consumers. Fresh food is good for fried foods and can be processed into salty dry products. Muscles are rich in protein and fat. Fresh meat medicine has the effects of nourishing yin, replenishing qi and detoxifying. It can be used to treat yin deficiency, internal heat, night sweats, and five upset fevers (tuberculosis lungs).

The following is his processing technology:

First, the process flow: raw fish ice sea water selection sorting slice cutting water control level selection plate freezing package

Second, the process of operation

1. Raw materials: Raw materials must be fresh, transparent in appearance, hard in fish, slightly erythema in fish, no mechanical injury in fish, and there is no foreign matter in fish maw.

2, ice sea water treatment: raw fish into ice water treatment.

3. Sorting: The processed fish is selected for processing.

4, election: choose a variety of fish.

5. Slicing: The head must be opened to ensure internal integrity, without any damage, smooth fish, and complete fish.

6, wash: use a knife to remove the internal organs, wash the black mold, ensure that the meat is complete, and then use cleaning.

7, control of water: After washing the fish into the basket with net, control water for about 20 minutes. (Can't have blood water).

8, election: control of the water fish selected a variety of specifications, can not be half specifications.

9, swing plate: Each plate 8kg, each layer of plastic paper, pay attention to not have hair, impurities.

10, quick-freezing: fish after the plate as soon as possible within the quickest frozen time. Add the appropriate amount of water to the pan, but be sure to have enough water.

11, packaging: a few pieces of each box, each must have plastic bags and pads.

Third, note:

1. Raw fish storage should not exceed 2 days (48 hours) and must be stored in seawater and ice cabinets.

2. The finished product must be packaged according to requirements. Every day production must have a production lot number and there is a specification number in the box.

The ya Pears are native to China. The ya pears are juicy with white flesh. The Ya Pear has a thin yellow skin and has the same shape as the common pear. The Fresh Ya Pear is crunchy and has a sweet ,  honey like taste.

1. Commodity Name: Ya Pear

2. Features: Bright yellow color, snow white flesh, full of juice, taste sweet and slight sour.
3. Packing:
a) Inner packing: each piece is wrapped with tissue paper and foam net
b) Outer packing: 
1) 4.5kg/carton: 20, 22, 24pcs        2) 9kg/carton: 40, 44pcs
3) 10kg/carton: 36, 40,44,48pcs    4) 18kg/carton: 72, 80, 96pcs
5) or according to clients' requirements.
4. Supply period: End August to next April

5. Conveyance: Loading quantity for each 40`HR depending on its detailed packing.

6. Transporting and storing temperature: 0°C

Ya Pear

Fresh Ya Pear

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