Talking about the Harmfulness of Tractor's Overload

It is well-known that the vehicle's load and the dimensions of the car's cabin have been approved at the time of design. Vehicles manufactured according to design requirements have strict specifications. The traffic laws and regulations are based on objective conditions and needs. The clear provisions on the loading of vehicles are historical and blood lessons, as well as the summation of practical experience. They cannot be violated. However, in order to make more money, many tractor drivers are struggling to pull goods, and the tractors originally loaded with a load of 1 ton are generally loaded to 3 to 5 tons or even more. Some production and conversion manufacturers, in order to cater to the mind of the tractor operator, installed spring steel plates that exceeded the specified width when assembling the spring steel plate under the carriage, and there were also five or seven spring steel plates. More than 10 pieces. The weight of the load exceeds one, two, or even three times the weight of the approved load. As everyone knows, doing so is very harmful.

1. The brake non-safety zone increases. The greater the load, the greater the inertia, and the more difficult it is for the vehicle to stop after it has been moved. This increases the braking distance and increases the braking non-safety zone.

2. The centrifugal force increases when turning and it is easy to overturn.

3. Decline in climbing ability. After overloading, when the tractor's sliding force on the slope is greater than the driving force of the tire, the tractor will have to slip backwards, resulting in disastrous consequences.

4. It appears heavier when steering, and it is difficult to exceed vertical. As the load increases, the engagement force acting on the jaw clutch also increases, which makes it difficult to change the original state, so that the steering becomes heavy and it is not easy to exceed the vertical length.

5. When the tractor runs on uneven roads, the vibration will increase and the vibration of the driver's vehicle will intensify. As a result, the driver is prone to fatigue when driving, which leads to difficulty in concentration and unresponsiveness. In case of emergency, it cannot be dealt with in a timely and effective manner. .

6. It is easy to cause the engine to overheat, and it is easy to cause accidents of burning and holding the shaft.

7. Overloading The wear of the locomotive after the factory or overhaul is particularly serious. It is easy to exfoliate the protruding parts of the parts and greatly reduce the service life of the parts.

8. The mechanical force increases, especially the transmission parts are more easily damaged, and the engine can not reach the calibration speed when starting, directly reducing the tractor's lubrication performance, accelerating the wear of parts, and artificially shortening the service life of the locomotive. Tractor tires, bearings, and spring steel plates have limited bearing capacity. Overloading can cause and accelerate tire wear, and the life of bearings and spring steel plates can be shortened. Severe overloading is also prone to puncture accidents, especially unilateral punctures. When a locomotive turns at a 90-degree angle, the handle will throw the driver out of the vehicle, resulting in disastrous consequences.

9. Overload (including overweight, ultra-high, ultra-long, and extra-wide) will increase or offset the center of gravity of the vehicle, affecting the stability of the vehicle and increasing the difficulty of over-run control. Ultra-high loading, unstable center of gravity, easy turning over when making a sharp turn, and being very long and wide can easily hit pedestrians and other vehicles.

10. Intensified road and bridge damage. Overloaded tractors on sand or mud surface damage the road surface. In particular, when it was just started, it couldn't climb. A climb was a pit. The next time the tractor passed by, it throbbed, and because of the beating, there were a number of new pits. A newly paved road made the overloaded tractor take a long time and it would be all potholes. Some bridges in the countryside are also often overpowered by tractors that crush or break bridges.

11. Increased air pollution. As the tractor is overloaded, the operator increases the throttle, and the diesel fuel that is not completely burned will become floating in the atmosphere. At the same time, the body will emit a harsh roar, increasing air pollution, affecting people's normal living environment.

It can be seen that overloading is not worth the loss. Please do not take risks for a few more eyesight and short-term economic benefits. Advise that some tractor manufacturers and remanufacturers should not completely drive for the benefit of production and modification of vehicles that do not meet the loading regulations. The traffic management and agricultural machinery supervision departments should also proceed from the overall situation of protecting people’s lives and property, and the brakes are overloaded with bad atmosphere.

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