Tea Soil Testing Formula Fertilization

For tea soil testing and formula fertilization, it is necessary to control the total amount of nitrogen fertilizer on the basis of the combination of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer, in particular to control the amount of nitrogen fertilizer in the later period, and to improve the quality of tea. Pay attention to the application of three elements of N, P and K fertilizers and trace elements. Balanced application. Fertilization method, base, topdressing deep, immediate cover after application, covering the depth of 6.5 cm or more. It is forbidden to use chlorinated fertilizers and vigorously popularize sulfur-containing special fertilizers.

The total amount of fertilizer. The application amount of organic fertilizer is about 2000 kg per mu. The yield of tea leaves (fresh leaves, the same below) is less than 250 kilograms, 12 kilograms of nitrogen fertilizer, 6 kilograms of phosphorus fertilizer, and 8 kilograms of potash fertilizer. 250-350 kilograms per mu, 11 kilograms of nitrogen fertilizer, 5.5 kg of phosphate fertilizer and 7.5 kg of potassium fertilizer. More than 350 kg per mu, 10 kg of nitrogen fertilizer, 5 kg of phosphate fertilizer and 7 kg of potassium fertilizer.

Fertilization ratio. Basal fertilizer: 100% organic manure and phosphate fertilizer, 40% nitrogen and potassium fertilizer are generally combined with deep plowing as a base fertilizer in September-November. Top-dressing: It is applied during the initial sprouting of tea plants and the growth of new shoots. Nitrogen-based, quick-acting nitrogen fertilizers are mainly used. In combination with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers, the top-dressing plants are applied every season after picking tea, and nitrogen and potassium fertilizers are applied in spring, summer and autumn. The proportions accounted for 25%, 20%, and 15% of the total fertilization.

The application method is to dig wide and deep 15-25 cm fertilization ditch between two rows of tea trees, deepen the fertilizer after mixing well, and timely cover the soil after application.

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