Technical measures to increase the economic benefits of raising pigs

1. Pig cost accounting

Pig-raising households should change the small-scale farmers' economic awareness of "raising pigs from making money, looking back at the fields" and "raising pigs for the New Year." It is necessary to raise the scientific and technological content of pig raising, analyze market conditions, learn cost accounting, and enhance business awareness. The pig raising costs of general professional households and farms include piglet introduction fees, feed fees, labor costs, depreciation fees for piggeries, equipment and tools, medical sterilization, and interest on funds. Feed costs account for about 70% of the total cost. To reduce the cost of feeding, we must assess each item one by one, and be aware of it.

2. Moderate scale farming

The scale of breeding should be based on comprehensive analysis of the actual situation of the breeder's funds, scientific and technological level, and marketing ability, and do everything within its power. The scale is too small and the efficiency is not high; Generally, rural farmers can raise 3 to 5 sows a year and carry out self-cultivation and self-cultivation. All of them go in and out, and 50 to 100 commercial pigs are slaughtered throughout the year.

3. Environmental conditions control

Good pig house conditions are conducive to the rapid growth and development of pigs. They can be built in single-row semi-shelf or double-row semi-shelf. It is required to be cool in winter and cool in summer, with good conditions for air pollution, smooth air, and suitable temperature. Each sow has an area of ​​10 to 15 square meters, and finishing pigs have 1 to 1.5 square meters.

4, carefully feeding and management

First, the piglets used for fattening should be castrated at 40 days and weighing about 10 kg. The second is that the fattening piglets should be washed in time. On the first day, levamisole and other insects should be used. On the 3rd day, gastric lavage with baking soda was used. On the 5th day, the gastrointestinal tract was cleaned with rhubarb soda to enhance digestive function. The third was based on factors such as body weight and pig source for reasonable grouping to prevent bullying. Weak and bully small; Fourth, implement raw material thick feed to prevent feed nutrients from being destroyed; Fifth, quantitative feeding, less to Tim Tim, first fine, coarse, enough to drink water; Six is ​​to adhere to the front open limit, to meet the nutrition Need to shorten the fattening cycle and improve feed utilization.

5. Widespread feed sources

The first is the use of dry land to grow soybeans, sorghum, corn and other concentrates; the second is to make full use of the edge of the farmland planting ryegrass, barley grass, sweet potato vines, green vegetables and other juicy green feed; third is the use of bean cakes, cakes, distiller's grains and other processing By-products; fourth is the use of pine needle powder, orange peel powder, sweet potato, etc. processed into feed; Fifth, all kinds of feed silage, ammoniation, acidification, smashing, alkalizing, glycosylated methods such as processing, improve palatability.

6. Comprehensive preventive measures

Pig-raising must adhere to the principle of prevention and disease prevention that focuses on prevention and focuses on prevention. Before the introduction, we must strictly disinfect the pig houses and utensils; periodically repel insects, immunize the piglets, erysipelas, and lung disease vaccines on time; observe the pigs to prevent the occurrence of the epidemic, and find out that the sick pigs are isolated in time for diagnosis and treatment.

7. Timely sales

Generally, the purchase price of live pigs in the first half of the year is lower than the second half of the year. The price of live pigs during the holiday season will rise to varying degrees. Farmers should plan their time for slaughter according to the level of feeding, generally from March to April, and from July to August when the pigs are raised, which has a higher efficiency. The growth law of pigs was determined according to the law of slower weight gain in the early stage, faster weight gain in the middle period, and slower weight gain in the later period. The finishing pigs should be kept for 180-200 days. The ideal time for slaughter pigs in China is: 80 kg of local early-maturing varieties, 90 kg of cultivars, and 100-200 kg of hybrid pigs.

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