Technical points for planting black sesame

1. Soil preparation and fertilization: Choose sandy loam or loam fields with loose soil, good air permeability, and moderate fertility. Fertilize in the end of May and early June. Apply 10-15 kilograms of urea vegetable or 20-25 kilograms of ammonium bicarbonate per acre and 5-10 kilograms of potassium chloride. 2. Seed treatment: Seed 1-2 days before sowing. In order to prevent sesame black spot and stem blight, soak in seeds with warm water of 50-55°C for 15 minutes, remove after cooling, and air dry to sow. Planting 0.5 kg per mu. 3. Seedlings Dingmiao: The first seedlings of the seedlings start time seedlings. When 2-3 pairs of true leaves are grown, the seedlings are planted at a spacing of 1520 cm, and densely replenished and thinned, leaving 8000-10,000 strong seedlings per mu. 4. Timely topping: 10-20 days after the initial flowering period, the main stem and the branches are removed by about 1 cm. 5. Disease prevention and control: After the black sesame sprouts, when the stalk grows rapidly, spray it with 50% puerarin 800-1000 times, spray once every 5-7 days, and control it 2-3 times in succession, which can effectively prevent and cure melasma Leaf blight and stem blight. 6. Timely harvest: Sesame maturation is extremely inconsistent. If the harvest is too early, the upper seeds will not mature; if the harvest is too late, the lower seeds will fall off and cause losses. Should be mastered in the last half of the flowering period to 20 days, or harvested about 5 days after the topping. After harvesting for a period of time and then threshing, so that the seeds fully mature.

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