Technical points on bottle tremella

The bottle production Tremella production cycle is short, not subject to seasonal restrictions, less labor, income is fast, is a good family sideline, bottle Tremella method is:
First, the preparation of culture materials
1. The formulation of culture materials: wood chips 50 kg, bran or rice bran 15 kg, plaster 1 kg, sucrose 0.75 kg, soybean powder 1 kg, magnesium sulfate 0.25 kg, water 60-70 kg.
2. Preparation method: Mix wood chips, wheat bran, gypsum and soybean powder proportionately, then pour the warm water-soluble sucrose and magnesium sulfate, and mix thoroughly. Hand a handful of mixture to give water between the fingers but not drip.
3. Bottling and disinfecting: Mix the well-mixed material into a 500-750-gram wide-mouth bottle, fill it with compaction, and press an inoculation hole with a size of bean, a depth of about 2 cm, and a width of 1.5 cm in the middle, and then Cover the bottle mouth with plastic film plus a layer of kraft paper and fasten it with a wire, place it in a pressure cooker, keep it at 100°C, and sterilize it continuously for 7 hours. After cooling, move it into the inoculation room for use.
2. Inoculation Put the sterilized cultivation bottle and the tube containing the bacteria strain into the inoculation box and inoculate it. Re-attach the film and paper and fasten it. Each strain of 750 g of bacteria can inoculate 50-80 bottles of cultivation bottles.
3. After culturing and inoculating, the cultivating bottles are immediately moved into the culturing chamber, and are layered and discharged on a wooden shelf, each with 5-6 layers. Each layer is separated by about 40 centimeters. After being put on shelves, the upper and lower layers are replaced once every 3-4 days. Prevent temperatures from varying.
IV. After harvesting and inoculation, after 30-40 days of cultivation, the diameter of the white fungus is 10-16 cm, and when it is white and transparent, it can be harvested. Use a knife to cut off the entire crop at the base and immediately dry it to prevent mildew.

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