Ten Methods for Preventing Pests and Diseases of Harmless Vegetables

Grass ash liquid treatment insects with 10 kg of grass ash to 50 kg of water soak for 24 hours, take the filtrate spray can effectively control aphids, yellow pests. If the appropriate amount of trichlorfon is added to the plant ash, it can enhance the contact and re-evaporation of the liquid and improve the control effect. If the onion, garlic, leeks are affected by the locusts of the species fly and onion fly, 20-30 kilograms of plant ash may be applied per acre or both, and both the aphid and yield may be increased. The urine-washing mixture was used to make soups, urea, and water at a ratio of 1:4:400, and the pest control rate was over 90%. The brown sugar solution to prevent disease brown sugar 300 grams dissolved in 500 ml of water, add 10 grams of white yeast, placed in a greenhouse or greenhouse, stir once a day, fermentation 15-20 days, so that the surface of the white film layer until. Then, the alcohol was added to 100 grams of rice vinegar and 100 grams of shochu, and then 100 kg of water was sprayed. The spray was sprayed every 10 days, and sprayed 4-5 times. The control of cucumber bacterial spot disease and gray mold had a good effect. Pig bile liquid treatment of pests 10% concentration of pig bile plus appropriate amount of baking soda, washing powder, can prevent eggplant blight, pepper anthrax, can drive long bean, cabbage caterpillar, snails and other pests, dilution can be maintained 10 Day is valid. Rabbit feces treatment of tigers plus 10 kg of rabbit feces per 10 kg of water, into the tile cylinder seal 沤 15 to 20 days, stir with time, pouring in the roots of vegetables, can prevent tigers. DT Fungicide Prevents and Controls Diseases and Diseases of Cucumber Bacterial Leaf Spot. Before or at the beginning of the disease, spray DT fungicide 500 times, use 75 kg per mu, spray once every 10 days, and spray 2-4 times continuously. Eggplant verticillium wilt disease, before the onset of disease after eggplant colonization, with 300 times 300 grams of liquid, every 7 to 10 days irrigation once, even irrigation 2-3 times, control pepper scab, at the beginning of the disease 500 times per acre 50 kg spray, once every 5-7 days, spray 2 to 3 times. Anti-Kun Ning Prevention and treatment of disease with anti-Kun Ning prevention and control of cabbage, pepper, tomato, celery, lettuce and other melons such as wilt disease, leaf spot disease, blight and so on. More than 95% control effect. Spraying, irrigating, and soaking can all be used. Sprinkle 15-20 kg of water per 20 ml of water, spray 2-4 times of fertility, irrigate 20 kg of 20 kg of water every 20 ml, soak 20 ml of water every 20 ml, and soak for 8-12 hours. Once, dry and sow. Vegetable Feng Ning prevention and treatment of the disease of cabbage, potato, radish and other vegetables, soft rot control effect of 87% to 92%, generally one bag per acre spray. 8010 Bacteria Fighting Pests The bio-pharmaceuticals are highly effective and non-toxic. When used, each 500 g of water 250-500 kg can be sprayed to control Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, etc. The control effect is over 95%. The insecticide solution No. 6 of the worms of the genus Beetles is 25 ml per bottle and is diluted 500-600 times. It can control insect pests such as Pieris rapae, Plutella xylostella, Aphids, and Spodoptera litura.

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