Tetrafluoxazol has a good effect on preventing cucumber powdery mildew

Powdery mildew is one of the major diseases on cucumber. It has strong fulminant and epidemic characteristics and has a great impact on the yield. Currently, chemical control methods are mainly used to control it. Production of sulphur, triadimefon and Other drugs prevent cucumber powdery mildew for many years, leading to prevention. Decline in efficiency. To screen for safe and effective pharmaceutical agents, in 2010, I used a variety of new fungicides to conduct field trials on the efficacy of cucumber powdery mildew, in which the effect of tetrafluoroetherazole was better. In the early stage of cucumber powdery mildew, 70% tebuconazole water dispersible granules 2000 times, 30% fluconazole WP 1500 times, and 4% tetrafluoroewazole water emulsion 1000 times, respectively. 1% polyoxine aqueous solution 100 times, 1% osthol fluid 330 times, and 50% sulfur triazolonone suspension 600 times solution, with clear water as the control. Test results: 4% tetraflumzil water emulsion 1000 times solution to control cucumber powdery mildew the best effect, after 7 days, the incidence of disease leaf decline was 80.7%, the disease index reduction rate was 86.3%; The amount of oxazole-water dispersible granules 2000 times, 30% fluconazole WP 1500 times, and 1% multi-antimycin water 100 times were equivalent, and the diseased leaf reduction rates were 60.2%, 54.8%, and 52.6, respectively. %, disease reduction rate was 68%, 66.4%, 73.6%; 1% osthol fluid 330 times and 50% sulfur, triadimefon suspension 600 times liquid treatment effect did not want to be rationalized, the diseased leaf rate decreased 26.5% and 34.2%, the disease index decreased by 50% and 47.5% respectively. The test results showed that tetrafluroxazole has good efficacy against cucumber powdery mildew and should be actively promoted and applied. As a biological pesticide, polyoxin also has good control effect on cucumber powdery mildew, which can be used alternately with the above-mentioned medicaments or during the harvesting period.

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