The benefits of making fertilizers

The benefits of making flower fertilizers make use of the waste from life to produce fertilizers, which is a very significant thing. Making flower fat is very simple. Just select the starter and everything is solved.
In the production of fertilizer fertilisers, the potpourri fermentation agent is a better one. Fermentation with this starter has the following characteristics:
(1) Operation is simple. Put fruit peels, rotten leaves, Chinese medicine slag, bones, Scales, egg shells, chicken and duck hair, pig hair, hair, livestock hooves, leftover tea, rice water, and ash, etc. into a container, and add appropriate amounts of gold treasures. Fermenting agent, to grasp the moisture content, can wait for fermentation.
(2) Short fermentation time. The use of goldfish starter to produce fertilizer, at room temperature, just 7-10 days can be turned into a nutrient-rich flower fertilizer.
(3) Fertilizer nutrition. The effective microorganisms in the golden baby starter can fully decompose various nutrients in the waste to form effective nutrients that the flower can absorb and use.
(4) Wide range of applications. Fertilizers made from gold-fermented starter can be used for various flower seedlings. It can provide all-round nutrients to plants and it will never produce any negative effects.

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