The best season for buying chicks

"The summer does not buy the dogvest and the winter does not buy the 39." During the hot summer, especially during the dog days, the feed intake of the breeder dropped by more than 10%, and the consumption of nutrients increased as a result of insufficient nutrition. In particular, vitamin consumption was several times greater than usual. As a result, the nutrients passed from the eggs to the chicks are low and the chicks are not as healthy. In addition, the proliferation of pathogenic microorganisms in the midsummer has also increased the susceptibility of chickens to pathogenic microorganisms and increased the difficulty of brooding. In the vast northern regions of China, the cold winter, especially the 39 days, will affect the transportation and warmth of chicks and affect the effect of brooding. It will also increase brooding costs due to heating problems.

Forehead Thermometer

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