The best time for planting fruit trees in spring

The warm climate in Shandong and Henan is generally suitable for planting in spring and autumn. The best time for planting is before and after the fruit tree is sprouted. The tree is in a relatively dormant state, with more nutrients stored in the body and wounds of roots and branches. (Shearing) is easier to recover, nutrient consumption and water transpiration are the least, and the survival rate is high. Autumn planting refers to the planting of the saplings before the land is frozen. After planting, root wounds can heal in the year. The disadvantage of the autumn planting is that cold areas must be managed with buried soil in order to survive the seedlings, otherwise the seedlings will easily dry out and die.

Spring planting refers to planting soil in the spring after thawing until the fruit trees are germinated, generally in late March or early April (preferably before and after Ching Ming Festival). Due to different tree species characteristics, planting time should be different, peach, apricot, plum, etc. should be early, red dates, etc. should be late, generally planted immediately after soil freezing is appropriate. Spring planting can avoid the overwintering management link of autumn planting, centralized operation, convenient management, and relatively labor saving.

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