The cultivation of Phlotonia

There are more than 80 species of Polyscas, which are native to the tropical, Asian, and Pacific islands of the Americas. Phyllanthus 1-3 meters tall, branches dermis obvious. Leaf shape varies from species to species, with 1-3 pinnate compound leaves, long leaflets oblate, lanceolate, reniform, rounded oblong or leafy, with serrated leaves. There are all green leaves, markings, or full-leaf golden leaves. This kind of plant has a strong natural character and leaves a variety of styles. It can grow under strong light or shade, and is ideal for garden landscaping or potted plants.

Breeding: With cuttings, spring and autumn can raise seedlings. Cut stem tops or mid-ripe and robust shoots, each about 10-15 cm, half blades cut in river sand, keep humidity, receive about 40% -60% of sunshine, and grow roots and shoots after about 3-4 weeks.

Cultivation focus: Slightly selective cultivation of soil quality, as long as the well-drained soil can grow, but fertile sandy loam best fertility. Full-day and half-day sunshine can grow, but births are more prosperous with half-day sunshine. Fertilization can be organic fertilizer or nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, applied once every 1-2 months, potted soil once every 2-3 years, every spring pruning and pruning, sprouting new branches more vigorous; if the plant aging should be strong Cut, promote the rejuvenation of its branches and leaves, usually cultivate soil to maintain proper moisture, beneficial to childbirth. Sexual high temperature and humidity, but also very drought-tolerant, fertility optimum temperature of about 20 ~ 30 °C, winter should be warm and sheltered from the winter, the cold current invasion temperature below 10 °C, to reduce irrigation to prevent the cold; especially fern leaf Fu Lutong cultivation in full sun Under strong light, the leaf color is golden and bright, but the cold resistance is the worst in winter. The pot should be kept warm and sheltered from the winter, otherwise the cold damage will cause the whole plant to fall.

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