The cultivation technique of bergamot

The bergamot is a spiced citrus evergreen tree, named for its fruit resembles a human finger. In ancient times, bergamot was classified as a tribute, and was used as a mascot in the map of the birthdays and the same as Xiantao. The bergamot enjoys a good reputation both at home and abroad. It is known as "the fairy flower of the fruit and the world's unique flowers." The bergamot has high ornamental value and medicinal value, and its roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits can be used as medicines. The effects of qi, qi, vomiting, spleen, and phlegm can be used to cool fruits, beverages, and wines. The main cultivation techniques are now described below. First, planting bergamot is not cold-tolerant, more shade-tolerant, too strong light will cause sunburn or damage shallow root groups. Its optimum temperature for growth is 10~3l°C, and it needs to be moved into greenhouses below 0°C for winter, and it can still grow normally at 43°C. In Guangxi and Guangxi, it can be planted in open fields, with about 110 plants per mu. The bergamot does not require strict soil quality. Sandy loam with good looseness, fertility, air permeability and water seepage is preferred, followed by yellow and red sand. Seedlings can be planted in the four seasons after turning green. The best planting period is from January to May and from August to September. Second, fertilization bergamot should not be applied before the end of the outcome of attacking fertilizer, that is, spring shoots, summer shoots, autumn shoots 10 days before the germination of each fertilizer 1, the general use of urea per plant about 30 grams, 500 grams of superphosphate After 5 kg of chicken manure was mixed, combined with cultivating and weeding, excavation was carried out in an annular groove with a width of 30 cm and a depth of 25 cm, and then the cover soil was tightly applied, prompting the young trees to form high-yield canopies as early as possible. No fertilization after September to prevent late autumn shooters. Each year should be fertilized 4 times: before the first application of fertilizer, it should be applied in mid-March, and 5 kg of excrement and urine should be applied to each plant. The second time, it should be applied at full flowering stage and 5 kg of cow manure should be applied to each plant. 150 grams of urea; the third application of strong fruit fertilizer is applied before and after the “summer sun”. Each compound fertilizer is mixed with 1 kg of compound fertilizer and 5 kg of decomposed chicken dung, and 100 g of potassium dihydrogen phosphate is used to spray 50 kg of water. 1st time in the Shiye area; 4th time in harvested fruit fertilizer, after harvesting fruit in 9th to 10th, dig 40cm wide and 40cm deep symmetrical grooves along the canopy drip line on both sides of the plant. 10 kg, 1 kg of compound fertilizer, mixed with crushed soil and back to the pit, properly soil protection tree tray, can restore tree vigor, increase nutrient accumulation, lay the material basis for the second year of more results. Spray foliar fertilizer during the results and Paclobutrazol promotes fruit enlargement and increases fruit weight. The fertilization amount of seedlings newly hatched is halved, and the amount of fertilizer is appropriately increased after its growth is stable. Third, pruning plastic seedlings planting or change the basin short cut trunk, stay more lateral branches, to grow upright backbone system. The twigs or rejuvenating branches of the tree need to be twisted and rehabilitated, and the branches should be stretched and stretched with ropes so that the resulting branches are evenly distributed. In addition, we must do a good job of wiping buds and wipe all buds without buds. During fruit and fruit period, thinning and fruit thinning should be appropriately used to increase the fruit rate. Fourth, pest control pests The main diseases of bergamot are ulcers, etc., pests are leaf miners, spider mites, scale insects and Tianni. Ulcer disease can be combined with pruning clean garden after spraying with 1:1:250 Bordeaux mixture for 1 time; spraying 1000 mg of thiozteon at the time of sprouting, and killing 2000 times for the enemy, spraying once a day, continuously spraying 3 times. Second, concurrent treatment of leaf miners; new shoots retreat green spray special 500 times 1 times. Scale insects mainly damage the branches and leaves of females, resulting in litters. They can be used for controlling 1-2 times in a period of May-September when they are culled 1000 times and 200 times the oil emulsion is mixed. Red spider can use 80% dichlorvos 2000 times or 40% dimethoate 2000 times spray, spray once every 7 days, continuous spray 2 times. In the process of controlling pests and diseases, we should pay more attention to the use of water-amidophos and high-effective and low-residue pesticides.

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