The difference between cuckoo injury and fertilizer damage

Azaleas produce phytotoxicity and fertilizer damage, which have the same characteristics and have different manifestations. The same thing is manifested as the physiological damage of the same genus. The leaves will bumble and fall off in a short time, but the plaque will not expand slowly and pathogens will not appear on it.

The different points of injury and damage are: Azaleas produce phytotoxicity, which is sensitive to the reaction of certain pesticides or certain types of pesticides. For example, when the leaves are sprayed with certain pesticides, the leaves are stained with chemicals for several days. Yellowing, blighting and shedding of parts will seriously affect the growth of plants, but it will not harm the root system. Generally, it will not easily lead to the death of whole plants and flowers, and it will take longer than the damage from the appearance of the pesticide damage spots to the leaves. Note that there are also exceptions, such as clubs spraying with dimethoate, etc. After 1 day to 2 days, all the leaves will fall. Because of its acidic flowers, strongly alkaline pesticides have obvious side effects. In addition, when azaleas use pesticides, the first is to keep the concentration low, and the other is to avoid the high temperature season around noon to prevent the occurrence of phytotoxicity. Rhododendrons like fertilizer, but not fertilizer, but can not use alkaline fertilizer, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the root damage of fertilizer. For example, if fertilizers, concentrated fertilizers, large fertilizers, and base fertilizers are mistakenly applied, reverse osmosis of hairy root cells that tends to cause delicate rhododendrons will occur, causing the tender roots to shrink and die after being dehydrated, which can be caused within 1 to 2 days. The leaves were scorched and even all fell off, and the whole plant died in severe cases. If the concentration of fertilizer solution is too large, timely soaking and rinsing rescue will not cause death, but it will also seriously damage the plant's vitality and it will be difficult to recover in a short time. Therefore, the application of azalea topdressing should be applied thinly and it must not be applied. Blindly chasing raw fertilizer, concentrated fertilizer, and large fertilizer, the concentration of organic fertilizer is generally about 10%, that is, 10 times the water pouring. The concentration of chemical fertilizer is about 0.3%, which is used for pouring roots. The concentration of the top dressing is about 0.1%. In addition, whether it is Azadirachta or Rhododendron arundinacea, it is also sensitive to complex potassium dihydrogen phosphate containing certain trace elements, and should not be used for spraying leaves. Otherwise, it may easily lead to coking of leaves and dead twigs, which will also seriously affect its growth or survival. . From July to August, the rhododendron grows stagnant during the high temperature season and fertilization should be stopped. In the late autumn and early winter, the plants enter dormancy and should stop growing in winter. In general, the next morning after fertilization, water should be poured once, and the effect is to dissolve the fertilizer in the soil to facilitate its root absorption.

The occurrence of fertilizers and phytotoxicity of other flowers is basically the same as that of rhododendrons, but pesticides that are sensitive to some flowers must be avoided. For example, pomegranate and cruciferous flowers bogey and kill pine, plum, peach, cherry, pomegranate, apricot, Oranges, chrysanthemums, coral flowers, marigolds, shrimp lining flowers, golden venom bed, golden vein single flower, reticulated grass, etc., dilute dimethoate and omethoate, cedar bogey speed culling, plum, peach, cherry blossom And other enemies to avoid enemy diesephos, pears, persimmons, peaches, plums avoid chlorothalonil, pears, peaches, and medicated stone sulfur mixture, orange, peach, apricot, pear, plum, boiled Bordeaux mixture, cherry, frangipani malathion Phosphorus, alcoholic flasks methamidophos, peaches sensitive to triadimefon, plum allergic to monocrotophos, carbofuran. For the above types of flowers and trees, be careful when using pesticides. First, avoid using them as much as possible. Second, use them in the deciduous period. Third, reduce the use of the concentration and control the damage to the lowest level.


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