The driver wants to open a car with 20 inaccuracies

First, it is not allowed to start after adding water.

Second, do not allow the tank to suddenly add cooling water after boiling.

Third, do not add hard water in the tank.

Fourth, it is not allowed to idle for a long time.

Fifth, it is not allowed to work at low temperature or high temperature for a long time.

Sixth, no long-term overload work.

7. Do not allow fierce bang and increase the throttle.

VIII. Do not start suddenly, or start the clutch with a big throttle.

Nine, do not allow heavy load low speed and low oil pressure work.

Ten, is not allowed to work with abnormal sound or knock sound.

11. Do not allow the locomotive to work sick.

Twelve, not allowed to run without trial run.

13. Do not use unqualified unclean engine oil.

14. Don't remove the fuel tank filter and then add diesel.

15. Do not use unqualified engine oil or old and new engine oils.

16. Don't work when the oil level is too low.

17. Do not arbitrarily lengthen the exhaust pipe or change the assembly position.

18. Do not dismantle the oil pressure indicator.

19. Do not use large tires as you like.

20. Do not install a fuel return pipe in the fuel system.

This hot air circulating drying oven is tray mode intermittent universal drying equipment which is high in utility, widely used in medicine, chemical industry, food industry, light industry, electronics and other fields.

1.This Drying Machine uses electric heating elements as the heat sour

2. The material is stainless steel,keep the machine durable using.

3.After switching on the electric power, switch on the fan. The rotational direction of fan shall consist with the mark. 

Drying Machine

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