The Effect of Rooting Agent on Transplanting Seedlings of Flower Seedlings

Seedlings, flowers, medicinal herbs, ancient trees, family flowers, etc. in the process of transplanting alone rely on natural greening and survival is far from meeting the requirements. Artificial growth regulators, rooting agents, must be used artificially to promote the rapid rooting of plants. Strong seedlings, improve the survival of transplanting, promote rapid growth, in the process of rapid root growth is the key. There are many types of rooting agents on the market, but the effects are uneven. From the point of view of technology, efficacy, brand, etc., Treasure Rooting Agent is the best in its class! The golden treasure rooting agent can control the whole process of plant growth, development, rooting, growth, flowering and results. Compared with similar products, the gold treasure rooting agent has the following unique features:
1, gold treasure rooting agent is a microbial agent, does not contain chemical agents, is entirely biological products. Its effective functional bacteria content is extremely high, which is several times or even several dozen times that of similar products on the market, effectively reducing the rates of dead seedlings and dead trees, making the roots' micro-ecological environment improved, and root rooting speeds up, and the price point But it is equivalent to other products.
2. The effective function of gold treasure rooting agent is high in microbes. Therefore, its metabolites are numerous, its function is strong, and it can promote rooting of plants quickly and effectively, and its function and effect are long-lasting.
3, compared with other similar products, the biggest advantage of goldfish rooting agent is simple and convenient operation. Save time and save labor, everyone will operate, once used, lifelong benefit.

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