The Essentials of Citrus Management Technology in August

August is an important period for citrus fruit development (the occurrence of autumn shoots, fruit enlargement period). Therefore, to avoid field operations under the blazing sun, choose early and late periods for effective management.

(1) Crown Management

From the early maturing varieties, depending on the state of the crown, the disease, fruit, malformed fruit, cracked fruit, ascending fruit and extra large (small) fruit were eliminated, and the consistency of fruit size, appearance and quality was improved. The fruit quality of citrus is closely related to the thickness of fruit stems. The fruit with fine stems and drooping growth has good quality and appearance. On the contrary, the fruit with thick stems and overturning stems tends to develop into large or extra large fruit, and the rough skin and flavor difference. Autumn shoots can be applied to a mixture of fruits, such as Zhuang Tiling + potassium dihydrogen phosphate, and compound fertilizers and other phosphorus-containing nutrient solutions to enhance the fruit's ability to absorb water, suck fat, and suck up nutrients and improve the quality of fruit development. In order to ensure the amount of flowers for the coming year, reduce the size of the year, appropriate fruit thinning should be carried out. For age and size, you can use the promotion of Kaowang 2 (Southern product) to allow the tree to carry out its own nutritional deployment, eliminating the size of the year. Promote flower bud differentiation.

(2) Soil and Fertilizer Water Management

Sustained drought will have a serious impact on citrus production. Excessive soil drought will inhibit the fruit's enlargement and the fruit will have high acidity, causing defoliation and weakened tree vigor. With the dry soil, the wilting in the leaves can not be recovered until the next morning. It is necessary to timely irrigate and cool the water in the morning or evening. The amount of irrigation should be 5 to 10 mm each time to ensure the normal growth and rapid expansion of the fruit. For young orange groves with a low canopy cover rate, tree trays were planted, green manure was buryed in the summer, the ground covered with plastic film or canopy covered the shade nets, and shallow ditch irrigation. Citrus gardens in the coastal areas should also pay attention to listening to typhoon news and do a good job of countermeasures to prevent strong winds and heavy rain. (China Plant Protection Network: Wei Linfei)

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