The goat breeds more

First, selection is good. The female goats were selected from three aspects: their ancestors, their own, and their offspring. Mother goats with the following conditions were selected according to their growth, body shape and production performance.

1. The first birth produces twin lambs or the first three babies produce multiple lambs.

2. Ewe with few skin folds.

3. Ewes with light face, high body, well-proportioned and long neck and leg, and large chest and abdomen.

4. High-reproduction breeds of ram offspring.

Second, do a good job feeding and management. The nutritional status and development of the sheep have a great influence on the reproduction rate. Ewe weight before mating, strong sexual desire, the mating and pregnancy rate are high. Therefore, the usual feeding and management of ewes should be strengthened to meet the needs of various nutrients. And do a good job of short-term superior feeding before breeding, increase energy, protein and vitamins and other feed, in order to lay the foundation for improving the fetus and lambing rate. While grazing and eating green, each sheep feeds 100 grams of soya bean powder, 200 grams of corn or barley flour, 200 grams of bran, 15 grams of salt and 15 grams of baking soda, and is mixed and mixed with water for feeding for 30 days. Can quickly enhance physical fitness, promote estrus and improve conception rates.

Third, increase calcium and phosphorus, increase bone mass. The weight of female goats before mating is closely related to the reproductive rate. The larger the body weight before mating, the higher the lambing rate is, the smaller the body weight is and the lower the lambing rate is. According to practice, sheep less than 40 kilograms before mating are all producing lambs. More than 40 kilograms, generally produce twin lambs, the body's long height and weight gain, depending on the growth and development of bones, calcium and phosphorus are the main components of the skeleton. Therefore, when feeding energy, protein and vitamin feeds, it is necessary to add calcium source feeds such as peanut shells, walnuts, peas, eggshells, and bone meal. Use 10 to 13 eggshells each time, stir-fried yellow and stir into the diet. Each time bone meal 5 to 10 grams, 2 times a day, even fed 30 days. On sunny days, let the sheep go to the sun outdoors and increase the irradiation of ultraviolet rays. This will help the sheep to synthesize vitamin D and promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus. Supplementation of calcium before ewe mating can also encourage ewes to have mothers.

Fourth, increase the use of drugs

1. 150 grams of bitter salt, 150 grams of wheat bran, 50 grams of vinegar, mix and mix until wet, suitable for holding without dripping. Feeding the ewes 10 days before the estrus can promote estrus and increase fertility rates.

2. In the 4 weeks before the oestrus of the ewes, subcutaneous injection of 2 mg of ficrocohol (Fukangning) in the ear can promote the estrus of the ewes and increase the reproductive rate. The rate of doubling of the ewes with a body weight of 40 kg or more is more than 90%.

3. In the 13 to 14 days after the estrus of the ewes, injection of serum gonadotropins from pregnant horses (8 to 10 milliliters) can increase the quasi-fetal rate and the rate of multiple lambs.

Fifth, selection and matching. When the ewes are in estrus, they must choose a new breed of ram for breeding, with good appearance, large body, no blood relationship, robust physique, and high reproductive rate.

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