The key technology for raising fox efficiently

1. Prompt vaccination on time, pay attention to drug prevention twice a year for vaccination, and use canine distemper and viral enteritis after leaving for 11-12 months and after 6-7 months. The encephalitis and other vaccines were vaccinated one by one, and the insects were given an insect repellent in vivo and in vitro. 2. Keep the sheds dry, wash the basins and food bowls in a timely manner, remove the manure and leftovers from the cages in time, and spray the whole ground and cages regularly with 100 poisonous solutions. 3. Scientific feeding, careful management of fox feed must be fresh, nutritious and digestible. In the diet, mainly animal feed, accounting for about 65%, the main types of small miscellaneous fish, fish meal, livestock waste, etc.; vegetable feed supplement, accounting for about 35%, the main types of corn, wheat, Rice, soybeans, vegetables, etc. At the same time to feed vitamins a, e, b and so on. During the calving of the mother fox, eggs and dairy foods should be added. During the hot season, water should be sprinkled on the ground frequently; in winter, attention should be paid to the insulation. 4. Grasp the estrus, timely breeding in the diet to add cod liver oil, and appropriate feed some onions, garlic and other aphrodisiac feed. From mid-February, regular estrus inspections were performed on the foxes. For mates that have been mated, they will be remixed until the female fox refuses to mate. The method of breeding female foxes is "Pink early, late purple and black, and dark red breeding is appropriate." 5. Patient care, to ensure the survival rate from the first day of breeding to 52 days, during which the fox house to replace the soft and clean hay and insulation work. Decline all visits to prevent miscarriage. When feeding every day, it is important to observe carefully that if the fox is a fox, it must be promptly separated or treated with drugs. For individual foxes without mother milk, they must be removed from the nest in a timely manner to carry out artificial breeding or to allow other mother foxes to be raised.

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