The magical effect of eggs on livestock

Eggs are rich in nutrients and not only beneficial to the human body, but also have many wonderful uses in animal husbandry production: 1. To increase the rate of livestock conception. In the mating season, feeding the broiler with five eggs every three days can make the animal have a strong sex drive, improve semen quality, and increase sperm motility, thereby increasing the conception rate. 2, cure mare infertility. Before the estrus of the mare, 5 eggs were used, 10 grams of sulphur, and warm water was used to mix and gown once a day for 3 days. 3, pigs quickly fattened. Take 5 ml of egg white and give 50 kg of subcutaneous injections to the submandibular area. The daily weight gain can reach 0.5-1 kg after half a month. 4, sows quickly milk. If the sow is short of milk within 1-2 days after delivery, 4 eggs can be used, 100 grams of brown sugar, 100 grams of white wine, and a little feed. The egg is first injected into the bowl, brown sugar is mixed with the feed, and 3 to 5 are fed. Hours to milk. 5, cure pig unknown fever. With egg white 5 ml, intramuscular injection, 3 times a day, 2 days can be effective; large pigs can be increased in moderation, no side effects. 6, cure swine flu. 20-30 kg of sick pigs, take egg white 10-20 ml, intramuscular injection once a day, three days Jiyu. 7, cure pig enteritis. About 50 kg of sick pigs, take egg white 15 ml, once daily neck injection, usually 2-3 times Jiyu. 8, cure swine erysipelas. Penicillin was calculated at 4000-8000 units per kilogram of body weight; eggs produced by the same day were extracted with a syringe. Every 200,000 units of penicillin injected into egg white 5-6 ml, shaking repeatedly 5 minutes, intramuscular injection in the pig neck, usually one injection once healed; seriously ill pigs injected twice, each interval of 8-10 hours. If you add 4 grams of magnesium sulfate per kilogram of body weight, the effect will be better. 9, cure swine fever. 4 units of vitamin C injection diluted 300 units of penicillin G potassium, mixed with 16 ml of fresh, sterile egg white, and administered once intramuscularly to large pigs (piggy reduction). 10, cure stiff pigs. The egg was first disinfected with alcohol, and then the egg white was drawn with a syringe. Injected 4-5 ml on both sides of the submandibular area of ​​the pig, injected 1-3 times per week; after the injection, the pig did not love to move, the hair color was bright, The weight gain speeds up rapidly. If you use trichlorfon insecticide before the injection of egg white (80-100 mg/kg body weight), the effect is better. 11, cure pig asthma. Take 5-10ml of egg white, add normal saline, and mix intramuscular injection. Each time interval is 2-3 days, big pigs can increase dosage as appropriate, generally 2 Jiyu. 12, treatment piglet white. Take 2-4 ml of fresh egg white and mix it with 2-40 thousand penicillin diluted in normal saline and give intramuscular injection to sick pigs; 8-10 ml of egg white for sows, 400-800,000 units of penicillin, mixed with normal saline Intramuscular injection, once daily, generally 2 times Jiyu. 13, cure female swine cervical erosion. The cervix is ​​swabbed with a saline swab, coated with a proper amount of fresh egg white, and then filled with saturating egg white cotton balls in the cervix, removed the next day, 3-5 days for a course of treatment, usually 2-3 courses Jiyu. 14, cure cattle louver dry. Use egg white 12, honey 1000 grams, add cold water 1 kg, gavage, 2 times a day, 3 days can be effective. 15, no horse fire. The horse had a fire, his eyes were dazed, and his hair was burned without light. He took 15 salty eggs and fed it once a day for 2 days. The results were excellent. 16, treatment of livestock keratitis, conjunctivitis. After appropriate amount of fresh peach leaves are smashed, adjust the eggs and apply it, 2 times Jiyu. Or use a syringe to extract egg white 4-5 ml, wash the affected part with saline, and then pierce the needle into the eyelid in parallel, and inject the egg white into the upper and lower eyelids respectively, and inject it once a day, three times Jiyu; Injury can be subcutaneously injected into the neck, the cure rate can reach 95% or more. 17. Control of animal burns, burns, and skin ulceration have good results. In addition, when egg whites are used to treat diseases, it is better to choose fresh eggs. It is better not to use eggs that have been laid for more than one week. At the same time, the equipment used must be strictly disinfected so as not to contaminate the egg white and reduce its medicinal value. China Agricultural Network Editor