The Pearl River Delta tries to catch greenhouses to raise the price of shrimp in South America.

The establishment of greenhouses in Guangdong has always been the characteristic breeding mode of the Pearl River Delta. However, in order to avoid the adverse effects of low-temperature weather on shrimp aquaculture and improve the aquaculture efficiency, a mode of greenhouse shrimp culture has also begun to appear in the western part of the other shrimp breeding area.

It is difficult to popularize greenhouse shrimp farming

In late March, the reporter surprisingly discovered several shrimp ponds covered with white film in Wuyang Town, Wuchuan City. Compared with the shrimp and ponds that have been bred in the surrounding areas, the greenhouses that pull wire ropes are particularly attractive. The technician, Liang Peixiong, told reporters that after selling the shrimp in December last year, four shrimp ponds were selected and a total of 20 mu of greenhouses were planted. In early January of this year, 3 million shrimps were released. “In this way, one more shrimp can be raised each year, and the price of the early-stage shrimp is better.” He explained the reason for the scaffolding.

According to reports, there are about 100 mu of shrimp ponds in Wuyang Town, which were built almost entirely at the end of last year. In the rest of western Guangdong, a small number of farmers have also set up greenhouses to raise shrimp at the end of last year or earlier this year.

Yangjiang Yangxi City, Shaxi Town feed distributor Weng Guocheng, Leizhou City Qishui Town feed distributor Liang inventors confirmed to reporters respectively, at the end of last year, both have raised households to build greenhouses, but the number is small, only two or three One, and it was only a part of shrimp ponds to try, and the area of ​​shrimp ponds that were constructed was not large. For the construction of shrimp greenhouses, most farmers are still watching.

The general manager of Zhanjiang Haimao Water Producer Technology Co., Ltd. Chen Guoliang believes that shrimp ponds can be bred and raised in the west of Guangdong, and it is difficult to promote them in western Guangdong. Unlike the PRD, the breeding area in the west of Guangdong in the early winter was windy. The plastic film used for the canopy is poor in toughness and can easily be blown. If the remedy is not timely, the greenhouse will lose its insulation effect. In the cold winter, the water temperature in the pond will rapidly decline, and the shrimp will suffer from stress due to the intense temperature difference.

“In order to prevent the greenhouse from being blown by the wind, ventilation holes cannot be left in the greenhouses built in the west of Guangdong.” Weng Guocheng believes that the harmful gases produced in the pond cannot be discharged in time and all are stored in the shed. The water quality of shrimp ponds is high. , will affect the growth of shrimp. And because it is not ventilated, sometimes the sun is fierce, the accumulated calories are high, and the temperature of the water rises quickly. Shrimp also suffers from stress. "Compared with the winter shed shrimp in the Pearl River Delta, the cost of the western part of Guangdong is higher and the risk is even greater." Weng Guocheng said that raising households must be considered clearly, weigh their own financial strength, and avoid overstocking.

More than one raises the price of shrimp

It is understood that in the winter of western Guangdong, although there is no cold weather in the north, the water temperature will drop below 20°C. Affected by the weather, shrimp with no protective measures grow slowly in the winter and even die due to frostbite, which is not conducive to aquaculture production. At the end of the year, households selling shrimp will generally leave the pond empty for several months, and will wait until next year's Ching Ming before making investment in seedling production, so that raising households can only raise two shrimps a year.

“The greenhouse can protect the wind and wind, in the cold winter, shrimp can also grow normally in the pond.” Liang Peixiong said that in January he put shrimp in the greenhouse was mainly used for standard crude. Due to the higher density, shrimp grows slightly slower, and today it has a specification of 160 sticks/kg. After the weather is warm, separate the ponds.

He believes that after the shrimps are raised and weighed, the disease resistance is relatively strong and the growth is fast. The shrimp in Tangliao can reach the market size of 80 sticks/kg at the beginning of May. When the shrimp is sold out, you can continue to vote for seedlings. In August and September, you can sell shrimp, and then continue to invest in seedlings, selling shrimp at the end of the year or in January next year. In this way, shrimp farmers can raise three shrimps a year.

According to Liang's invention, in the April-May period of each year, due to the small amount of shrimp in the reservoir, the price is high. In previous years, the shrimp with a general specification of 40 sticks / kg had a price of 15 yuan / kg, and sometimes even higher. The cost of scaffolding requires more than 3,000 yuan per mu, which means that the cost per kilogram of shrimp is at least 3 yuan more than when there is no scaffolding.

"As long as there are 15 yuan / kg of the price is not afraid." Liang Peixiong considered, the cost of winter shed shrimp about 11 yuan / kg. If there is a profit of 4-5 yuan per kilogram of shrimp, "although the investment risk is large, it is still very cost-effective." He said that shrimp farming now mainly depends on winter or early-season shrimp, and shrimp is susceptible to disease or low prices for the rest of the time. difference.

“Some households put up shelters to protect the winter shrimp, in order to be listed on the Spring Festival to sell high prices.” Liang Peixiong added that many raisers who have raised winter shrimp are still in the shadow of the 2008 freeze. In order to maintain the stability and conservation benefits, a small number of farmers are not hesitating to spend large sums of money trying to put up shrimp farming.

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