The shape and selection of chicken compound feed

There are three types of compound feed: powder, granules, and crushed material. When used, select the appropriate shape of feed according to the different life characteristics and growth stages of the chicken.
The powder is mixed with a good proportion of feed, and the compound feed with the same particle size after being crushed is powder. The nutrient content of this feed is comprehensive, uniform, stable in quality, convenient to feed, easy to digest and absorb, and suitable for feeding laying hens.
Pellet material will be mixed in proportion to a good feed, roughly crush it again, its shape is cylindrical and horny and so on. Pellet feed is easy to feed, strong palatability, stimulates appetite, and prevents provocation, suitable for feeding broilers.
The broken material will be broken into particles. Its characteristics are similar to that of pellets, except that the pellets are smaller. Crushed material is suitable for feeding chicks.

Goji Berry ( [Goji" means [happy") , also called wolfberry, has been used for thousands of years by herbalists in China to protect the liver, help eyesight, boost immune function, improve circulation, and promote longevity and overall well being. It has only recently gained popularity in the west, it has become so polar, in fact, the Time Magazine recently named the Goji berry as [super-fruit" of the year. A big reason why Goji berries have quickly become a favorite nutritional supplement is that its impressive list of ingredients. The Goji berry, also called the wolfberry, is a bright purplish red or purple red berry that comes from a shrub that is native to China. In Asia, goji berries have been eaten for generation in the hope of living longer.    


Grade C Goji Berry

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