The simple operation method of self-made salted duck

Salt water; The processing of ducks is not subject to seasonal restrictions. It is characterized by short pickling time and is now being processed. The taste of food is delicious, fat but not greasy. It has the characteristics of fragrant, crisp and tender.
1 Processing
1.1 Preparation of raw materials (1) Ingredients. Use meat ducks or various local ducks. The fat duck with a live weight of more than 1.5 kilograms was selected as the first-grade processed raw material.
(2) Accessories. Salt, pepper, star anise, onion, ginger, balsamic vinegar.
1.2 Process ducklings → slaughter, cleaning → open rake, net rake → cold water immersion → hanging drain → pickling → air drying → cooking → cooling, draining → finished product.
(1) Slaughter. Cut a small mouth on the live duck, do bloodletting and net removal to the hair, cut off the wing tip and claws, and then wash; then, under the right wing, open the file, the maximum length of the knife blade is no more than 4cm, take out all the internal organs, and duck lung Must go to the net: rinse the net with blood or rinse the blood within the bowl, then soak in cold water for about 1 hour, hook the duck neck slaughter small mouth hanging water.
(2) Marinated. In the middle of the fire will be refined salt, a small amount of star anise, pepper stir fry until the flavor, made of accessories, and with the amount of saturated brine reserve. 1 duck with a net weight of 2 kg can use 200-250 g of accessories. Firstly use 3/4 accessories to fill the duck body cavity from the opening, and rub the duck body with the rest of the frying accessories. Because the muscles at the leg muscles are thicker, the muscles are pushed upwards from the bottom to make the muscles under pressure, and the salt is easy. penetration. Then use hot accessories to wipe the mouth of the duck's mouth and neck, and then put the preserved duck body into the container. After 2 to 3 hours of marinating, pour out blood in the body cavity. And rinsing with clean water, immersed in saturated saline for about 2 hours, then removed and hung. After finishing the duck body, hook it with the hook and hold it on the neck, and then pour it with boiling water, the shape is full, and then hung in the ventilated place where the sun cannot reach. Dry it.
(3) cooking. Bring the water in the pot to a boil, add ginger, scallion, star anise and balsamic vinegar, and transfer to a small fire. Put the duck head down and put it into the pot with your leg up. Take out the duck later. The water with a lower temperature inside the body cavity was put into the pot again. This way back and forth wok operations several times. The water temperature inside and outside the duck body cavity is relatively consistent, then cover the lid, keep the duck soup on the side of the pot to play a small bubble, about 1 day or so, leach the soup, cool and cut into pieces.
(4) Finished product processing. The saltwater fowl can be stored for about 1 week in winter, save 2 to 3 days in spring and autumn, and only 1 day in summer. Storage time should not be too long. Otherwise, it is easy to separate the flesh and meat, because it is cooked, it is more likely to be contaminated and deteriorated, and it is best to store it in a cool and ventilated place.
2 Product Quality Requirements and Improvement Methods
2.1 The first grade freshness of salted duck needs to be in accordance with national hygiene standards and first grade freshness requirements for salted ducks. Appearance: The body surface is smooth, white or milky white, and the inner wall of the abdominal cavity is dry with salt. Muscle: The cut surface is reddish and shiny. Odor: With the unique smell of saltwater duck; boiled broth, aromatic, liquid surface has a large agglomeration of fat, tender meat and delicious.
2.2 Improve the taste and shelf life of duck products The color, aroma, and taste of cooked foods. In addition to the use of seasoning and color additives, the most important are the cooking process, including the temperature and time of heating, and the control of moisture. Muscular tissue of broilers contains a lot of moisture, for example, the edible portion of chicken contains 66.0% of moisture; duck contains 74.6% of moisture. The osmotic pressure difference increases, the muscle cell wall is destroyed, the water seeps out more, and the lean meat part has a smaller volume and weight, and the taste is relatively old and rough. Then the food's salt deposit is a traditional preservation method that has been used since ancient times. The salt reservoir not only inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms, but also imparts new flavors to it, so it has the effect of processing.
In order to improve the taste of duck meat products and to solve the method of tenderizing cooked meat, protease products can be used to make the muscles be enzymatically hydrolyzed to some extent, but it is more effective to control the temperature and time of heating, that is, to use low temperature for a short time. Method, and to make the inside and outside the duck cavity temperature (heating) uniform principle, as long as the meat all reach 75% of the temperature, you can make the duck protein degeneration, edible, small shrinkage, taste tender, and has basically met the requirements of sanitary sterilization. Identification using low-temperature degeneration sterilization, will not shrink water loss: but the storage period is not long. In order to make the finished product have good flavor and long shelf life, the finished product can be vacuum-packed and then high-temperature and high-pressure sterilization, the shelf life of the final product obtained will increase, but it will be different from the original traditional product flavor. If there is a breakthrough in the use of special technologies (such as microwave technology), and in a short time the sealed packaged cooked meat is heated to a higher center temperature, and then quickly cooled, then it is entirely possible to create a good flavor and shelf life. Long meat and delicatessen products.

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