The three main points of the maintenance of the feed mill

First, the screen repair and replacement. The screen is made by punching thin steel sheet or sheet metal. When the screen is worn or broken by foreign matter, if the damaged area is not large, it can be repaired by riveting or soldering; if the area is damaged, replace the new one. When installing the screens, the burr-side of the screen should be facing inwards, and the screen should be closely attached to the screen frame. When the ring screen is installed, its overlapping inner layer mouth should follow the rotation direction to prevent the material from jamming at the overlap.

Second, bearing lubrication and replacement. After every 300 hours of operation of the crusher, the bearings should be cleaned. If the bearing is lubricated with oil, it is advisable to fill the clearance of the bearing seat by 1/3 when adding the new oil. The maximum number is not to exceed 1/2. Only a few caps of the cover-type oil cup can be screwed tightly before operation. When the grinder bearing is seriously worn or damaged, it should be replaced in time, and pay attention to strengthen the lubrication; use tapered roller bearings, should pay attention to check the axial spacing of the bearing, so that it is maintained at 0.2-0.4 mm, if any, can be increased or decreased The bearing cover is adjusted at the paper pad.

Third, the replacement of claws and hammers. In the comminuted parts, the grinding teeth and the hammers are the consumable parts in the feed crusher and are the main parts that affect the crushing quality and productivity. The crushing tooth and the hammer must be replaced in time. When replacing the teeth with the claw jaw crusher, pull out the disk first. Before pulling out, first open the round nut locking tab on the back of the disc, use a hook wrench to unscrew the round nut, and then use a special puller to pull the disc out. In order to ensure the balance of the rotor's operation, attention should be paid to the replacement of the set when changing gears, and a static balance test should be done after the change so that the grinder can work stably. When tightening the claws, be sure to tighten the nuts and be careful not to miss the spring washers. The qualified parts should be selected when replacing the teeth, and the difference between the weights of the individual teeth should not exceed 1.0-1.5 grams.

Hammer mill some of the hammer is symmetrical, when the sharp angle hammer hammer blunt, can be used to adjust the angle of the opposite; if one end of both corners have been worn, you should turn around to use. When adjusting the angle or turning the head, all the hammers should be carried out at the same time. After the four corners of the hammer are worn, they should all be replaced. Note that the weight difference between each set of hammers must not be larger than 5 grams; spindle, disc, positioning sleeve, pin, hammer After installation, static balance test should be done to keep the rotor balanced and prevent unit vibration. In addition, due to wear of the pins of the fixed hammer pin and the mounting pin shaft, the pin shaft will gradually grind, and the round hole will gradually grind. When the pin diameter is reduced by 1 mm from the original size, the diameter of the round hole is smaller than the original size. When it is 1mm larger, it should be repaired or replaced in time.

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