The use of brown sugar in chicken

After the chicks are hatched, they are transferred from the hatching room to the brooding room after hatching. The water is first added with 5% to 8% of brown sugar water and vitamin C, and then eaten for 3 days, which can promote the absorption of yolk and reduce the number of eggs. Incidence, increase feed conversion rate.

Use in the long-distance transportation of young (chicken) chickens. After experiencing long-distance trains and aircraft transportation, chicks are prone to dehydration, mental depression and other undesirable phenomena. Immediately after reaching the destination, they are allowed to drink 5% to 10%. Brown sugar water, even for 3 days, can quickly restore its physical strength, while improving disease resistance and reducing mortality. If you drink 5% to 10% of brown sugar water before long-distance transportation, you can avoid or reduce the adverse phenomena caused by long-distance transportation.

The use of chickens during the stress period of chickens, debriding, changing feeds, and immunization can lead to poor chicken development, reduced egg production and immunity, reduced fertility, disease resistance, and increased incidence. It can prevent 10% of brown sugar water from drinking in the chickens for 2 to 3 days before and after the chickens are transferred, broken, changed feed, and immune. It can prevent the decline of immune function due to stress, regulate body fluid balance, stimulate appetite, supplement nutrition, and increase production. performance. In the cold winter, the chickens can drink 5% to 10% brown sugar water, which can also play a role in keeping the cold, silt, and stomach.

Use when chicken disease occurs When chickens suffer from chicken fleas, colibacillosis, coccidiosis, etc., while normal use, let them drink 5% to 10% of brown sugar water, and drink 3 to 5 days. A protective film is formed in the intestinal tract of chickens to reduce the irritation of the toxic substances to the intestines and reduce death. Use of 5% to 10% brown sugar water in chickens with nephritis or nephritis, while using adjuvant drugs, can better eliminate kidney swelling. Brown sugar is also a kind of non-specific immune regulator, which can strengthen the defensive function of the chicken body and work better with antibiotics.

The use of chicken poisoning When chicken gas poisoning, drug poisoning or feed additive poisoning, immediately stop using toxic drugs and additives, while allowing them to drink 10% brown sugar water, drink 3 to 5 days, can effectively alleviate poisoning Symptoms, with the application of vitamin C better.

It should be noted that drinking brown sugar water should not be too long, generally not more than 1 week, otherwise it is easy to cause digestive system disorders.

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