The Year of the Ox Word Plant--women

Wolves in China, people often use "cattle" to describe "prosperous, developed, prosperous", like the stock market there is a "bull market" and "bear market" of the points, and 2009 is precisely the Chinese Lunar Year of the Ox. There are many varieties of flowers with the name "bull" in the name. "Wai Niu" is one of them. This is a small, succulent plant known for its slow growth. Its small plants and thick, rough leaves give people a feeling of simplicity and dignity. Located on the windowsill, several places, etc., simple and natural, like life crafts, quite chic.

“Wai Niu” is a succulent plant belonging to the genus Lilium. There are many similar species and hybrids of "women", some of which are smooth and have no small condyle; some have white patterns or white condyles, and some have V-shaped ribs at the base. The size of their plants is also very different. Some hybrids grow quickly and their plant type is very large. Instead, they lose their “slow growth, thick and thick leaves, rough foliage, and the tips of the leaves are not upward, and the leaves and leaves are in close contact with each other. Health, no leaf margin "The characteristics of these "women" inherent. Therefore, when selecting plants, those plants should be selected which are dignified, compact, thick, short, and wide leaves, large, dense and uniform condyles on the leaf surface, and blunt leaf ends. In addition, there is a kind of "Wai Niu Jin," which is a variant of the brocade variety of "Wai Niu." There are yellow patches on the green leaves, and sometimes the whole leaf will appear yellow.

"Wai Niu" is a cool and cool air with bright light scattering and high humidity. A certain degree of cold resistance, fear of water, drought and semi-yin, sun exposure and too shady are not conducive to its normal growth. The spring and autumn season is a period of vigorous growth of the lying cow, giving sufficient light. If the light is insufficient, it will lead to plant growth, dull leaves and thin leaves, which will seriously affect the viewing.

Keep basin soil moist without water, and when the air is dry, often spray water to the plants in order to increase the air humidity, so that leaves fresh and moist, but basin soil should not be too wet, otherwise it will cause root rot. Due to the slow growth of the “hog”, the nutrients needed are not much. In the growing season, it is possible to apply a decomposed thin liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer once a month.

In summer, when the plants grow at a high temperature, they can be placed on a well-ventilated half shade to avoid reddish foliage due to light exposure, even burn the leaves, form ugly scars, and control watering to stop fertilization. In winter, it is placed in a sunny place. If the minimum temperature is between 8°C and 10°C and there is a certain temperature difference between day and night, the plants can continue to grow and can be managed according to the growth period.

The yellow mealworm is not only rich in protein, fat, polysaccharid and other organic macromolecular nutrients, but also rich in phosphorus, potassium, iron, sodium, aluminum and other trace elements. For every 100g of the yellow mealworm larvae, the protein content of dry powder is between 48% and 54%, the fat content is between 28% and 41%, and the contents of vitamin E, B1 and B2 are also high. Therefore, the yellow mealworm can provide high quality protein for the bullfrog, and make the bullfrog high in nutritional value and delicious.


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