There are tricks to eradicate "three falls" in chili

Pepper is a kind of neutral plant. It doesn't like to be cold, it doesn't like to be warm, it doesn't like dried plants and it doesn't like wet plants. Therefore, the cultivation of peppers needs to pay attention. The main thing is that the flower and fruit period is pepper. The period of greatest growth in life, during this period of high temperature and rain, it is also easy to drought. Therefore, whether it can obtain high yield and high quality is particularly important during flower and fruit management. Management technology has the following key points.

One, watering

Flowering and fruiting period is the period between the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of the pepper. It cannot be short of water, especially in the event of drought, it must be watered in time. After the heavy rain, it should be immediately drained and well water poured to cool the air and protect the root system from premature aging. After the beginning of autumn, to keep the ground dry, the water should generally be poured 1-3 times.

Second, fertilization

Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers are required for peppers. Organic fertilizers, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers should be added, and nitrogen fertilizers should be used in appropriate amounts. This period is the period when most fertilizers are needed. Apply 10-15 kg urea or 40-50 kg ammonium bicarbonate to 667 square meters, and then no longer apply fertilizer. After each fruit is harvested, the potassium dihydrogen phosphate may be sprayed on the leaves to add a small amount of urea to prevent premature aging of defertilization.

Third, prevent "three falls"

The “three downfalls” of peppers, that is, falling leaves, falling flowers, and falling fruit, are one of the important reasons that affect high yields. The “three falls” in the flowering period are mainly high temperature and drought, high temperature and rainy waterlogging, pests and diseases, especially the occurrence and prevalence of viral diseases. To prevent "three-falls" in the management to promote roots, roots, roots, roots, and improve plant resistance, timely watering and drainage in the rainy season, a reasonable fertilization. In the flowering of pepper, the young fruit period and the fruit expansion period, the “melon and fruit turmeric” is sprayed once, which can prevent and cure the falling, falling, and fruit falling of the pepper.

IV. Pest control

Phytophthora blight, virus disease, anthrax, leaf moth and other diseases and pests should be controlled in a timely manner. Spraying "new high fat film" soluble powder to effectively prevent the occurrence of various pests and diseases.

Chilli pepper

Chilli Pepper

Chilli pepper

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