There are two ways to cultivate healthy seedlings

Freshly hatched Aberdeen, the tape has not fallen off, and the yolk sac has not been completely absorbed. It should be kept in the hatchery for a day. Do not rush to fish it to avoid injury due to seedlings and death. After three days of normal feeding, Aberdeen has been able to adapt to the external environment and can enter the cultivation phase. There are two methods of cultivation:

First, the cement pool to cultivate each cement pool area of ​​8-10 square meters, the pool depth of 1 meter, water depth of 0.3 meters, the bottom of the pool is 2-3 cm of fine sand, and tilted to the outlet, convenient drainage and drainage. After repeated disinfection with quicklime or potassium permanganate for two times, 70 animals were stocked with 3–5 grams of Tsai per square metre, and the quail feeding material or quail feeding material was placed at 7:00 a.m. every day at 7 p.m. and each meal was 10% by weight. Feeding, feed also need to add 5% fish oil and the right amount of milk powder, vitamin C, E, etc., with water mixed into the table. After six hours, the general food can be changed after the food is drained, the residual bait on the food table is removed, and good water quality is maintained. Disinfect with lime or bleach once every 7-10 days to prevent fish disease. In addition, nylon sheds are placed above the pool, and some aquatic plants, such as water peanuts and fake narcissus, are put in the pool to serve the purpose of preventing heatstroke, purifying the water, etc. Generally, after 30 days of cultivation, the juveniles will weigh 10-15 grams. Can be put into the earth pond to breed, the survival rate reaches about 95%, grow fast, most of the water fish grow to more than 500 grams that year, become the commodity to market.

Second, the earthen pond cultivation The earthen pond area should not be too large, generally about 5 acres, according to conventional methods after cleaning and disinfection, in the corner of the earthen pond with a bamboo pole enclosed a small square of 200 square meters, stocking 30-50 per square meter, feeding and management The method is the same as the cement tank. Since young people accept wild life, they have small stocking densities and grow faster. However, to prevent water snakes, rats, and other predators from attacking, we must do preventive work. The main methods are: First, remove weeds around the earthen ponds and use them at the pondside. Lime envelops the circle, making the rats smell odor, afraid to come to eat, can play a role in alertness, and the second is to use electric wires to enclose, and power up in the evening to achieve the purpose of anti-snaught and rat killing. However, safe electricity should be used to prevent An accident occurred.

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