Three generations of cotton bollworm control technology

First, artificial egg picking

Since most of cotton bollworms are in the bolls of insect-resistant cotton, insect-resistant cotton fields should be promptly removed and artificially exterminated. Other cotton fields and tomato fields combined with pruning, artificially harvested eggs to remove insects and bring the residual leaves out of the field for centralized treatment.

Second, seize the appropriate period of scientific drug use

Control indicators and methods:

1. When 100 strains of insect-resistant cotton fields have 10 larvae over 3 years of age, they are treated with drugs in time.

2. When non-broom resistant cotton and other crops in the field hundred eggs were accumulated 40 eggs or 100 young larvae were promptly administered. Pharmacy can be used:

(1) 25% Huifeng Cock Mu 40ml, or 25% fast kill Ling Mu with 50ml, spray 70 kg of water.

(2) Chrysanthemum pesticides and organophosphorus pesticides 1:1 mixed spray.

3. Vegetable field 100 eggs 20 to 30 capsules, available BT preparations 200 times or 1.8% abamectin 300 times or 5% Sodium Tetrachloride EC 2500 times spray.


1. Because three generations of cotton bollworm control period of cotton plant tall, spraying should pay attention to even and thoughtful, mu liquid volume of not less than 70 kilograms.

2. The spraying time should be selected before 10 o'clock in the morning. After 4 o'clock in the afternoon, spraying at noon is strictly prohibited to prevent pesticide poisoning. 3. Check the control effect in time, if the effect is poor after spraying, or if it is raining within 6 hours after spraying, it is necessary to make a timely injection.

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