Three things to buy agricultural transport vehicles

When farmers’ friends buy agricultural vehicles, they must choose safe, reliable, high-performance, beautiful and comfortable, economical and practical models according to their economic strength and purpose. Agricultural vehicles have been developed for 20 years. The technology tends to be mature. The product quality of large-scale, joint-stock companies and state-owned enterprises is relatively stable. When buying agricultural vehicles, we should focus on buying services and choose products with good reputation and timely service.

To see, hear, and test

A look: see smooth shape, good paint, uniform weld, no burrs, reliable connection, complete lighting and display, safety signs, operating signs, rearview mirror is complete, the cab door and window must use safety glass, no three surfaces leak.

Second hearing: After the start of the diesel engine is running smoothly, whether the noise level abnormal sound.

Three test cars: The doors and windows of the cab can be opened and closed lightly and cannot be opened by itself. The door lock is firm and reliable. The engine is easy to start and the gear shift is light. The clutch is reliable and completely separated. Steer agility and lightness. Parking and service brakes are reliable. The hydraulic dump mechanism is safe and reliable, and the dump truck can stay in any position.

The use of matters needing attention: First of all, carefully read and understand the product instructions, especially the safe operation requirements, according to the provisions of fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, coolant and other liquids, according to the running rules for vehicle running, maintenance, adjustment, not free to remove Oil limiter or increase the fuel injection volume of the pump, must not replace the pulley to increase the speed, not increase the volume of the car, otherwise, overloading speeding will cause serious consequences.

Vacuum Electric Milking Machine


vacuum electric Milking Machine is convenient and flexible, easy-to-mobile milking machines, imported vacuum pumps, pulsation pump, the claw, liners and rubber tubes. What's more,it has low power consumption, stable performance,easy operation,compact, light weight , can be selected with AC380V/AC220V power or gasoline generators.


1. Suitable for small and medium-sized farm or individual farmers.

2. Combined with stably pressure can, milk cup-group, pulsation, and milk barrels, 

3. Equipped on the vehicle, milking in the cattle room removable.

vacumme milking machine

Vacuum Electric Milking Machine

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