Tianma harvest processing and storage technology

First, Gastrodia elata will enter a dormancy period in November and begin to sprout in March and April of the following year. Gastrodia elata is the most abundant nutrient reserve in the body during dormancy. Therefore, it is most appropriate to harvest Tianma from November to March of the following year. Gastrodia is a more delicate medicine, and it is very easy to infect the injurious gastrodia elata. It cannot be preserved, but it can only be left for processing. Therefore, in the process of harvesting Tianma, it is necessary to dig carefully to keep the piroplasm intact. The preliminary screening of the Tianma after harvesting should distinguish the planting hemp from the processing hemp, which is conducive to the smooth progress of the next step, no mechanical damage, normal color, fresh light yellow, disease-free pest-free rice hemp and white linen. Kind of hemp. There is mechanical damage, and rice, hemp and arrowheads with pests and diseases are left for processing.
Second, processing can be divided into the following processes:
1. Graded gastrodia processing must be performed separately to avoid difficulty in mastering the ripeness during processing. Gastrodin according to fresh weight can be divided into five levels: fresh weight 500g (dry weight 50g or more), no insect column, no injury, no mold of gastrodin as a special grade. Fresh weight 150-449g (dry weight 32g or more), no damage, no spots, no gastropods for the first class. Fresh weight 75-149g (dry weight 16g or more), no insect column, non-injurious, spotless Gastrodia elata is secondary. Fresh weight of 25-74g (dry weight 5g or more) and gastrodia elata with three levels. Fresh weight 5-24g (dry weight 1g or more), Gastrodia elata with discolored worms and other external grade.
2. Cleanse the above five grades of Gastrodia elata separately, and clean the special grade, first grade, and second grade arrowroot into bamboo baskets or plastic baskets and place them in a hot water bath at 90°C for 20 minutes to remove. Use bamboo slips or gauze to scrape off the outer surface of the fish flies. After washing, soak in 10% alum water for 30 minutes and remove. Washed Tianma day should be processed and dried. Third-class and extraterrestrial gastrodia elata can be soaked in alum water for 30 minutes and steamed and dried.
3. The steamed will be placed on the steamer and stir it. After seeing the air, steam for 15-20 minutes and the cannabis for 20-35 minutes. Steamed to the gastrodin body transparent, no black heart that is to meet the requirements.
4. After smoking Tianma steamed, it was transferred to the fumigation room and smoked with sulfur for 10-12 hours. The amount of sulfur is about 10g per cubic meter of space, and the smoked gastrodiae is bright and white, and it can prevent insects and mildew.
5. Drying smoked gastrodia must be dried in time. If drying in a drying room, the temperature in the drying room should be controlled at 50-60°C. When the hemp body is dried to 78%, the hemp body is removed by using a wooden board. Then it was dried at a temperature of 70°C and placed on a hot pot with coarse sand. Always check during drying to prevent basting of the hemp body. After drying, it is a commercial medicinal material (mingma). The appearance of Mingma is jade-white, smooth and bright, and the gelatinous transparent brightening is solved. Another kind of dark hemp is not peeled during processing, it is naturally dried in the sun and dark in color. After sowing, it was dark, bright and horny.
Third, the storage of excavated gastrodia, filtered out of the rice hemp, white linen, etc. in the winter of storage should pay attention to the following issues.
1. The temperature of the cotyledon should be placed in the room or basement of 0-6 °C.
2. The air humidity should be between 45-55°C.
3. Storage method
(l) Sand mixed storage method. Sand and soil with a water content of about 18% are mixed and stored. Stacking thickness is 30-4Ocm. It is appropriate to cover 10cm of sand and cover straw or smash the grass.
(2) Stratified deposit method. Spread 10cm of sand on the ground and then spread a sub-layer seed. To remove the uniformity, do not pile up. Scatter 2–3cm of sand on top. The thickness is 30cm. The top is covered with 10cm of sand and the outermost is covered with straw or straw. In December, plastic film can be placed on the straw or broken grass to keep it moist and moist. This storage method is completely smooth and non-destructive without any spots in the coming spring.

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