To improve the survival rate of puppies with good five levels

One is born off. Rex rabbits born within 10 days, the naked rabbit naked hair, body temperature regulation ability is poor, the ambient temperature is too high or too low can cause death, this period to maintain the optimum temperature of 20 °C -25 °C.
The second is breastfeeding. In addition to rich protein, vitamins, and other nutrients, female colostrum also contains a large number of immune antibodies. Newborn puppies, if they can eat enough colostrum, can enhance their physical fitness, increase their resistance to disease, and reduce their death.
The third is feed off. Rabbits grow rapidly and nutrients need to increase. After opening eyes at 12 days of age, breast milk alone can no longer meet needs and must be fed. From the 13th onwards, first feed a small amount of soft and easily digestible green grass and vegetables, and gradually add high quality mixed feed.
The fourth is weaning off. The pups were weaned at 30-35 days of age and fed small, easily digestible, high-nutrition forage grasses. Two to four animals per cage.
The fifth is preventing disease. Harmful diseases for young rabbits include coccidiosis, pasterellosis, and rabbit fleas. Once the disease occurs, it often causes a large number of deaths. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out immunization and feed supplements to prevent disease as soon as possible, and do a good job every day in rabbit houses and rabbit cages and carry out regular disinfection work.

                                                                                  Central Gas Supply System

The medical central gas supply system plays a significant role in modern hosptial. The appropriate design and setup of medcal gas equipment are essential for the hospitals to ensure medical quality, as well as to save the lives and ease the pain of the gas station,Bed Head Unit,gas terminal, electrical system,nusre call system, medical pipelines and auxilliary equipment system.

Central Gas System

Central Gas Supply System

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