To prevent piglet diarrhea in summer

The most common problem with piglets in summer is diarrhea, which causes diarrhea in piglets on the one hand because of lack of lactation in sows. The number of immunized antibodies obtained from breast milk in piglets is insufficient and the resistance is weak. On the other hand, it is hot in summer, and various pathogenic microorganisms, especially E. coli, reproduce rapidly. Piglets have weak resistance and are vulnerable to infection. In addition, some other germs can also cause diarrhea in piglets.

Therefore, we must pay attention to maintaining the environmental hygiene of piglets, regular disinfection, and do a good job of all-in and all-out prevention of diarrhea. Feed for piglets in summer should not only be full price but also pay special attention to freshness and palatability. Do not casually change feeds, including premixes, concentrates, etc. In the summer, it is also necessary to provide sufficient, clean and cool drinking water for the piglets.

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