Tomatoes should not be seeded several times

Tomato seedlings suitable for 1 to 2 times, 1 more common. The main reasons why tomato seedlings are not suitable for multiple seedlings are as follows:

First, it is easy to injure the roots. The more times the seedlings are sown, the more severe the damage to the root system will be, and it will lead to premature aging of the root system.

Second, the formation of aging seedlings too many times, the root system has not been fully expanded, weak absorption capacity, resulting in seedling growth due to inadequate nutrition supply is inhibited, when the growth of seedlings is inhibited for too long, will form an aging seedlings .

Third, the practice of extending the seedling period proves that when the tomatoes are seeded once per minute, the tomato seedlings of the same size are cultivated due to the seedlings before the seedlings and the seedlings after the seedlings are transplanted. The seedling propagation time is correspondingly extended by 5 to 8 days. When the environmental conditions are not suitable, the extension takes longer.

Fourth, the other damage to the tomato seedlings in the process of seedlings vulnerable to starvation injury; in the flower bud differentiation period in the separate seedlings will have adverse effects on flower bud differentiation.

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