Tractor extends the five major aspects of engine life

To extend the life of a tractor engine, several important steps must be mastered:

First, running in. Do a good job of the running-in test of the engine after the new machine or overhaul. According to the manufacturer's technical requirements and commissioning specifications, carefully carry out the running-in test operation, through testing and adjustment. This results in a smoother and stiffer bearing surface and the most suitable mating clearance, providing a good foundation for carrying loads and extending the service life of the mating parts. After the test run, the necessary technical maintenance should also be carried out depending on the technical state of the machine.

2. Qualified use of qualified oil and water. The fuel oil and lubricating oil used in tractors and engines must meet the quality standards stipulated by the state, and the appropriate oil brand number should be selected according to the season, the region and the engine speed range; the cooling water should be soft water with less calcium and magnesium mineral content. . The easiest way to soften the hard water is to boil the hard water and precipitate it. General production practice. Every 1000 hours of engine operation, the scale of the cooling system must be flushed to improve the heat dissipation performance of the engine.

Third, the normal guarantee has a normal water tank and oil pressure. The cooling water temperature is generally between 70 ° C and 90 ° C, and the normal water temperature should be maintained between 80 ° C and 90 ° C. The water temperature is too low, the starting is difficult, the fuel can not be fully burned, the engine power is reduced, and the carbon deposit is increased; the water temperature is too high, some parts are easy to expand and deform, and even the cylinder sleeve piston is stuck and burned, etc., and the lubricating oil is changed. Dilute, bearing oil film with low strength, accelerated wear, may also reduce the amount of fresh air aeration. Engine power is declining. To ensure normal oil pressure, it is guaranteed to be 2 ~ 3kgf / cm2. If the oil pressure is too high, it is easy to leak oil, resulting in poor lubrication; the oil pressure is too low, indicating that the oil supply is insufficient, the lubrication is unreliable, the wear is accelerated, and even the burnt tile accident may occur. If the water temperature and oil pressure are not normal, it should be eliminated in time according to the relevant reasons.

Fourth, operate correctly. To operate the tractor and engine correctly, do not overload or over-speed for a long time. Do not slam the throttle. Start at a steady speed, turn slowly at low speed, and avoid sharp turns and sudden braking.

Fifth, we must carefully implement the maintenance rules. According to the spirit of prevention and prevention, and the principle of raising weight, the tractors and engines are regularly cleaned, tightened, inspected, lubricated, adjusted, replaced with some oxidized and damaged rubber, plastic parts and wear overruns. The parts are repaired on time and on request to ensure that all parts are functioning properly, effectively and reliably. (Ying Ling)

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