Treatment of Soil Deterioration in Old Vegetable Fields

At present, the problem of deterioration of the soil environment in old vegetable fields is widespread, resulting in serious diseases and insect pests. The quality of vegetables and market competitiveness have been declining. The reasons and treatment measures are as follows:

First, the cause of the deterioration

The first is to re-fertilize chemical fertilizers and cause soil compaction. The second is the increase in salinization. Third, neglecting the application of trace fertilizers leads to various kinds of nutrient deficiency in the growth of vegetables. Fourth, it is even serious and extensive farming. Many years of continuous cropping will cause the accumulation of bacteria and eggs in the soil, and it will easily induce a variety of vegetable diseases.

Second, governance measures

1. Crop rotation: In a field, it is not appropriate to plant a variety of vegetables in the mid-season quarters, and it is possible to change crops for another variety of vegetables, such as melons and onions, to reduce the occurrence of pests and diseases. Note that certain leguminous vegetables are arranged in the rotation to increase the nitrogen content of the soil by virtue of the nitrogen fixation by the symbiotic rhizobial bacteria; some mustard, peas, etc. are arranged in the rotation and can absorb phosphorus and potassium that cannot be utilized by ordinary vegetables. Some of them have been re-used in the ecological transformation into the soil to improve the state of phosphorus nutrition for the manure.

2. Rational farming: With the application of organic fertilizer, gradually deepen the tillage layer. It is possible to use winter plowed permafrost and summer soil to promote soil maturation, ensure that soil layers in vegetable fields are loose, and increase soil fertility.

3. Apply organic fertilizers and apply micronutrients: apply organic fertilizers more, and under the action of microorganisms, form an organic colloidal humus to improve the granule structure of the soil, enhance permeability and water retention and fertilizer storage capacity, and relieve soil Salinization, combined with the characteristics of different vegetables requiring fertilizer, reasonable formula, scientific application of trace fertilizer. For basal application, zinc fertilizer (zinc sulfate) can generally apply 1-1.5 kg per acre, boron fertilizer (borax) generally 0.3-0.5 kg per acre, and molybdenum fertilizer (ammonium molybdate) generally 0.1-0.2 kg per acre. Wait. For example, as a top-dressing fertilizer, 0.05%-0.2% of zinc sulfate, 0.1%-0.25% of borax, and 0.02%-0.05% of ammonium molybdate can be used to meet the demand for vegetable trace elements.

4. Actively promoting micro-ecological fertilizers: Micro-ecological fertilizers are environmentally-friendly fertilizers, which can improve the structure of soil pellets and also have comprehensive nutritional features.

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