Tri-product lean pig rearing

1 Feeding formula diet formula: 50%~70% of cereals, 10%~25% of cake feed, 3%~6% of animal protein feed, 10%~15% of feed, bone powder (stone powder)1% ~ 1.5%, salt 0.5% ~ 1%, green feed 10 ~ 15%. 1.2 Feeding method 1 The feed is wet and mixed. The raw material feed ratio of the feed to the pig is 1: (0.5 to 1), which is controlled by hand-holding and hand loosening, but it is necessary to pay attention to the feed temperature and feed the cold food (saccharification material) in summer and autumn, and feed the temperature in winter and spring. Food (natural fermentation warming material). 2 feeding regular quantitative, less to Tim Tim. The time and number of pigs to be fed each day should be determined according to the season and the size of the pig. The number of feeds per meal should be based on the size, strength, appetite, nutritional status, and climate of the pig. Under normal circumstances, let the pigs eat 8 to 90% full. When feeding, do not pour the feed all the way into the tank at once so as to avoid picky pigs. At the same time, clean drinking water is often supplied. 2 Management 2.1 Timely castration, epidemic prevention, and de-worming piglets must be performed during lactation. Because the piglets have a strong metabolism at this time, the knife will heal quickly and have little effect on weight gain. After the weaned piglets, we must promptly inject the combined vaccine for swine fever and swine erysipelas. When the pigs enter the circle, they will be dewormed once, and then they will be dewormed once every two months. 2.2 Reasonable grouping According to pig breed, age, weight, and physical constitution, each pig covers an area of ​​0.6-0.8 square meters. The density is too high, affecting the pig's intake and rest, reducing the rate of weight gain. 2.3 Ensure that the pig house is clean and dry and the environment is quiet. It is necessary to tune the pigs to eat, excrete and sleep in three separate locations. The pig house should be cleaned twice a day to keep the pig house clean and dry. At the same time, keep the pig house quiet and prevent fright and turmoil. 2.4 Creating a suitable pig house climate Piglets gain the fastest weight at 21-27°C, and big pigs gain the fastest weight at 16-21°C. 3 Listed and bred ternary commodity lean-type pigs should seize the early stage of fast growth of the pig's muscles, supply full-priced diets, and reach the economically most favorable weight. Practice has proved that raising ternary commercial lean meat pigs with a weight of no more than 90kg has the best economic returns. For a pig weighing more than 90kg, the lean meat percentage will drop by at least 1 percentage point for every 10kg of weight gain, so it must be sold in due course.

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