Trichogramma against corn borer

Trichogramma, as its name suggests, is a red-eyed bee. It is red, whether it is monocular compound eye or not, and belongs to the genus Trichogramma of the genus Hymenoptera. Trichogramma adults are 0.3-1.0 mm long, yellow or tan, and mating activities of most females and males are completed within the host body. It looks for the host on the olfactory view of the antennae. First touch the host with the tentacles, climb onto it, and use the ovipositor at the end of the abdomen to drill into the body to produce eggs. The use of the characteristics of egg production by Trichogramma species to control corn borer, which is a practical and very strong technology, is a practical and practical technique for any environmental pollution, safety to humans and animals, and maintenance of ecological balance. Trichogramma prefers to search for fresh egg parasites that were first produced. Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job of forecasting and forecasting corn borers when they are controlled, so that the time for releasing Trichogramma coincides with the spawning period of the corn borer, so as to achieve a targeted effect and improve control efficiency. . Trichogramma's activity and spreading ability are greatly affected by the wind, so when it comes to laying bees, it is necessary to evenly distribute it, and also to increase the amount of bees that are put on the bee in the upward trend. In general, the amount of bees per mu of corn field should be between 1.5 and 25,000 heads. The use of Trichogramma to control corn borer is simple and time-saving. Usually only 2-3 points per acre, released twice. To control the first generation of corn pods when accumulating 100 corns, one corn quail egg, and the second bee every 5-7 days. When the bee is released, the bee card is torn into small pieces. Each small piece has a certain amount of Trichogramma. The small piece of bee card is rolled into the lower middle of the corn tube, and it can be firmly secured with the mat. Trichogramma lower cost of corn borer control, cost only 1.20 yuan per acre, compared with phoxim, methamidophos, 1605 and other pesticides are low costs. At the same time, the effect was good. After the bee was released, the parasitism rate of the corn borer eggs was 70-90%, and the amount of one hundred insects was reduced by 50-70%.

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