Two-in-one shrinking machine function precautions

The two-in-one shrinking machine combines sealing and shrinking into one, eliminating the bulky heat shrinking machine. The two-in-one shrinking machine is more powerful: it can be sealed and shrunk at the same time. It can also be sealed or shrunk separately. It can be used by more than one machine at a single machine. It is especially practical and is favored by domestic and foreign merchants.

The machine also has an advantage: since the sealing and shrinking are in the same space, the utilization rate of the machine is extremely high, which is equivalent to reducing the occupied area of ​​the machine, and is flexible and convenient to use, and safe and reliable.
The precautions in use are listed below. 1. In order to prevent the thermal cycle fan (motor) from being overheated and burned under frequent starting, please pay attention to the limitation of continuous working time of the machine when using: when the packaging speed is 12 seconds/piece When working, it can work continuously for about 6 hours. When the packaging speed is 6 seconds/piece, it can work continuously for about 3 hours, and so on. Of course, the above time is also related to factors such as ambient temperature, and can be handled according to the actual temperature rise of the motor.
2. When the machine is working, the surface temperature of the sealing and cutting blades and other heating parts is extremely high. Do not touch it with your hands or other objects, otherwise there is danger of burns or damage.
3. In order to extend the service life of the sealing and cutting blade, the following principles must be followed when adjusting the sealing and cutting time: from low to high, slowly, as long as it can meet the requirements of sealing and cutting, the time is as short as possible, and it is never allowed to set the time at once. It may be too long or adjusted to the highest position, otherwise the sealing and cutting blades and accessories will burn.
4. The machine must be grounded reliably to protect the operator's personal safety. This is also suitable for packaging machinery and equipment such as carton sealing machine, tray winding machine, etc. When the machine only performs sealing and cutting work, in addition to turning the transfer switch to the 2 position, the shrinking time must be rotated to zero position, otherwise after sealing and cutting Although there is no shrinkage temperature, the shrinkage time is still going on, which wastes time.

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