Two main points of privet cultivation

Ligustrum is an evergreen tree of the genus Oleaceae. It is 8 to 10 meters high. It is hi light and shade-resistant. It is warm and moist. It does not require strict climate control. It is an excellent green tree species that can be used as a street or garden tree, or as a hedge. There are two key technologies to improve the survival rate of their seedlings: First, the seeds are harvested in April and May, and the seeds are mature in November and December. When they ripen, the skin is black, and timely harvesting is required. The soaked fruit is soaked, peeled and washed. Dry. If it is not sowed immediately, it can be bagged and stored or mixed with 2 wet sands and 1 seed. Second, nursery (1) sowing seedlings. The seeds are sown from early March to mid-April. The soil in the nursery is not strict, so long as it is loose and fertile. Before sowing, the peeled seeds are soaked in lukewarm water for 1-2 days before sowing. Drilling distance 20 cm, covering 1.5-2 cm thick, about 7 kg per acre sowing rate. After sowing, it is best to cover the grass and cover the grass. After the seedlings are unearthed, weeding and weeding should be done in time. When the seedling height is 5 cm, the seedlings will be planted. According to conventional management top dressing 1-2 times. Weeding once a month. The 1-year-old seedling height can reach 50 cm. Such as the cultivation of large seedlings, need to change bed planting, after 2-4 years out of the nursery. (2) cutting seedlings. The branches growing in the spring can be cut in November and taken out in February and February of the following year. The cuttings are 0.3-0.4 cm thick, and the spikes are 15-18 cm long. The upper end is flat, the lower end is oblique, and the upper leaves are 1-2. , Insert the cuttings into the soil 2/3, 10 cm spacing, rooting about 2 months after the insertion, then the seedlings high speed 70-90 cm.

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