Two Things to Watch for in the Second Night

At present, early rice has been in the booting and earing stage, and it is the second-day parenting stage. For peasant households adopting machine transplanting, it is necessary to go beyond the routine, earnestly and carefully do a good job in the second night of transplanting seedlings, make material and material preparations in advance, and arrange agricultural affairs, select timing, strictly operate according to technical requirements, and ensure the quality of seedlings inserted on the second night. . To this end, it is proposed that the eight attentions in the operation of the second-stage planting and raising of the seedlings should be taken seriously by the peasants.

The first is to pay attention to the appropriate timing of sowing. The sowing of the seedlings on the second night of the county is generally scheduled from June 25 to June 30. The order will be controlled within 15 days and no more than 25 days.

The second is to choose the right Putian. In the second night, Putian tried to choose a paddy field that was close to the machine and was inserted into the field. Generally 20-30 mu of machine was inserted at the center of Datian to leave a field in order to facilitate transportation. At the same time, do not choose the fields near the roads, village plots, and mountains to be worthy of land.

The third is to pay attention to enough seeds. As the saying goes, use one pound more, and increase grain per mu. The amount of seed used for the second night is generally 6-7 pounds per mu for conventional rice, and 4.5-5 pounds for hybrid rice. The germination rate requires more than 90%. Variety growing period 115-120 days is appropriate.

The fourth is to pay attention to the preparation of educational materials. Do not fight without preparation. For fertilizer preparation, use 40-50 pounds of compound fertilizer as base fertilizer per acre. Putian preparations, according to 1:80 ratio of Putian and Datian, sufficient reserves of Putian, 7-10 days before sowing, applied into the base fertilizer, ploughing and ploughing, leaving water reserve. Prepare the plate and fill it with 25 pieces of special soft (hard) trays per machine.

Fifth, pay attention to the operation of the childbirth process according to technical specifications. The operation of transplanting a child is different from the traditional hand insertion and hand throwing. It requires careful and careful operation. Due to the characteristics of machine-assisted breeding, the planting density is high and the uniformity is high. The order is short and the plants are transplanted with mud. Therefore, to master the following operation points, one must do it in advance. Seed soaked in water, then do the seesaw. Seesaw plate width of 1.4 meters, seesaw plate length depends on the length of paddy field; sampan plate should be flat, whole, light, straight, dew solid 1-2 days; sulcus width 0.5-0.6 meters, leaving water to stir the mud in the ditch, For oyster plate for nutrient; Second, germination sowing. Take a disinfectant liquid soaking, breaking the chest that is sowing, generally soaking for 24 hours, germination for 24 hours; three to shop on the mud. The seeds are broken, and the two rows of smashing plates can be laid on the sampan board, and the sashes and shoulders of the sculpted shoulders are pressed tightly, and then the silt in the ditch is smashed into the smashing plate, the entire plate is filled, and the smashing is done by hand. Pick up the rubble in the rubble of the rubble in the rubble, along the disc along the smooth, you can sow; four to uniform sowing, generally every burst of the bud bud valley 2.5 two -3 two (dry valley 1.8 two -2 two), with The hand scales are called good buds, and they are evenly seeded in multiples. The four corners of the trays must be sown in place, and then the mud trowels are used to slightly press the seeds.

The sixth is to prevent heavy rain from scouring. During the second night of the machine-planting period, the rainy season in late spring and early summer coincided with the rainy days. It was necessary to avoid sowing seeds as far as possible so as not to wash away the buds. After sowing, it takes a lot of rain before it hits the ground. It is necessary to cover the membrane before the rain, stop the membrane, prevent the rain from washing or burn the seedlings.

Seventh, pay attention to Putian fertilizer management. 3-5 days after sowing, before the buds are rooted and green, the water in the fields must be kept full of water, and the mud in the drip trays can be kept moist. Due to the high temperature during the second seedling period, the water evaporates quickly, and the seedlings grow quickly. To control, that is, after the seedlings are green to the time of one leaf, spraying 15-20PPM paclobutrazol solution can delay the edict. After spraying for 24 hours, the water can be flooded and flooded. The saggers are submerged and the mud surface water is retained on the surface. In this case, if the seedlings are yellow and thin, they can be fertilized with water and fertilized. Mushi urea can be used to raise the seedlings by 5-8 kilos so that the water layer will naturally dry out. . Before the machine is inserted, it will drain the water in the field for 3-5 days, so that the block will be moist and dry, so as to facilitate the development of the plutonium.

Eighth, pay attention to machine transplanting period. The appropriate time for the second-day planting is generally on July 10-25, and it is not possible to turn the machine into a planter. The machine is inserted too late, and there is a danger of encountering cold and dew, causing undue reduction of production. Orders 15-25 days, the seedling height 15 to 20 cm, Ye Ling 3.5 leaves - 5 leaves.

In the above eight aspects, attention should be paid to the fact that the rice transplanting machine in the second night must be halved.

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