Unhealthy snack list

Many people are hunger-stricken and can easily buy some snacks to eat on the roadside. Many snacks are small, but the calories are surprisingly high. Taiwan’s “Health Magazine” recently rated “the 10 worst 'snacks', reminding everyone that hunger also needs food.


1st Place: 1 salted chicken = 2 tbsp oil. 150 grams of salted crispy fried chicken wrapped in flour has about 585 calories and a very high percentage of fat.

2nd place: 2 pieces of onion oil cake = 1 bowl of rice + 2 tablespoons of oil. Doing the onion oil cake must be done with a lot of oil, and with the frying process, it is even more oily and high in calories. Two small pieces (1/4 scallion cake) have 500 calories. Zhao Qiang, a dietitian at Taipei's Ma Ying Hospital, suggested that eating less is better, but not as a dinner, so as not to eat too much fat.

3rd place: 10 pot stickers = 1.5 bowl rice + 2 tbsp oil. 10 calories stick more than 700 calories, which is equivalent to the calories of a meal. Dumplings' high fat comes from two aspects: one is stuffed pork belly, and the other is that flour is very oily when it is fried.

4th place: 1 serving of croquettes = 1 bowl of rice and +1 tsp of oil. Eating a ball is equivalent to drinking a teaspoon of oil. Moreover, balls are often made with fat, high in saturated fat, and low in starch.

No. 5: 1 serving of fried stinky tofu = 2 tbsp oil. Stinky tofu, cooked by deep-frying, not only doubles the calories, but also has a stinky tofu of 500 to 600 calories; and the carcinogens produced by high-temperature frying are very harmful to the human body.

In addition, some Taiwanese specialties are also on the black list due to their high fat and high calorie content: such as braised pork rice, thick crusted noodle noodles, rice cakes fried from glutinous rice, and shellfish and bok choy. Oysters made from eggs.

“Fried, rich and sweet taste touched the taste buds, making people feel satisfied. The popular snacks are almost incapable of these characteristics. But to achieve such a taste, usually the caloric density (heat/weight) It will also be very high, fried snacks are representative of high-fat, high-calorie.” Song Xin, dietitian of Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, told reporters, “Sweet and soft rice cakes, dumplings, wolfberry, etc. are usually high sugar content, suffering from diabetes It's best not to eat."

Li Huiming, professor of nutrition at Xiangya Hospital of Central South University, said, “Besides the high calorie content of fried foods, the repeated use of oil is also a problem. The oil that is heated many times can cause carcinogens. In addition, the quality of the oil used by roadside stalls. It is also difficult to guarantee, and even some may use inferior oil such as 'ditch oil'."

If you are really hungry, how can you choose roadside snacks? Song Xin gives three more healthy choices: 1. There are meat and vegetables, meat and vegetables, the main non-staple food, complete ingredients, nutrition is more balanced; 2. Various Congee: The boiled starch absorbs faster and can quickly relieve hunger; 3. Boil corn: because it is boiled, it will not take in oil, corn itself is also a good food.