US research confirms that breeding new hair follicles can make baldness grow new

Release date: 2007-07-16

US research confirms that breeding new hair follicles can make baldness grow new. American scientists have confirmed for the first time that by cultivating new hair follicles, people can grow their hair with baldness. Previously, people have long believed that hair follicles cannot be recovered once they are lost. Although medical treatment can sometimes slow or prevent the development of baldness, and can also cover baldness by hair transplant, there is currently no effective way to make the bald part grow longer. New discoveries by American scientists will make it possible to solve this problem. The study, published in the journal Nature, showed that a group of researchers at the University of Pennsylvania removed large chunks of skin from the back of mice and did not treat them to observe the healing process. Scientists have discovered that as the wound heals, a key gene called Wnt begins to become active. It is understood that Wnt genes, which are important for hair follicle regeneration, usually function only in embryos. This gene allows the skin stem cells to be transferred to the injured site where the hair follicle cells of the hair are regenerated. Now, scientists are trying to control the genes responsible for hair follicle formation so that the bald scalp can re-grow hair while avoiding growing hair where it is not needed. ——Midi Medical Network

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