Use and maintenance of rotary knife lawn trimmer

Large-scale planting of grass has become an important part of the supporting infrastructure for animal husbandry infrastructure. It has become an urgent need to introduce the living environment for animal husbandry into "gardening." But keep the lawn flat and beautiful. Grass production must be often trimmed on the lawn. There are many types of lawn trimmers, and for most lawns and lawns with lower maintenance requirements, a rotary blade mower can be used. The Jilin Provincial Agricultural School uses an American-made 438D lawn mower with a gasoline engine power of 5.0 HP; type: push type; cut width: 21”/53 cm; grass collection device: grass collection box; This machine has the advantages of light weight, large horsepower, compact structure, convenient operation, simple maintenance, high work efficiency, etc. It is suitable for trimming various lawns and other lawns. The height of the rake must be greater than 2.5 cm 1. Use of the rotary knife type lawn trimmer: Correct use of the operating method can prolong the service life of the engine and its components.(1) Before cutting the grass, all the stones in the lawn should be picked out. Blocks, branches, wires, and other hard objects to prevent damage to the blade, engine, and danger to operators and surrounding people. No part of the body should be close to rotating parts during operation. The speed should not be too fast, and be cautious when walking downhill or pits, and you must not pull backwards in your own direction to prevent injury to the feet. (2) In order to maintain the healthy growth of the lawn, the grass height of each pruning is maintained. It should not exceed 1/3 of the original length.We don't cut wet grass as much as possible, because it is easy to stick together and block the lawn mower and affect work efficiency.In the eastern part of Jilin Province, according to the actual operation experience, the most appropriate time for grass cutting is afternoon. After 1 pm, when using a lawn mower with a slope, the direction of operation should be perpendicular to the direction of the slope in order to promote labor-saving. (3) When starting the operation, press the start and enriching device first to see that there is a little gasoline. Overfilling: Hold the brake lever firmly, pull the starter wheel steadily and quickly, the engine can start, do not allow long time and large throttle operation when running, the time shouldn't be too long, need to rest for 10 minutes after every working 1-2 hours. 2. Maintenance of Rotary Knife Trimmer: Rotary Knife Trimmer is a more sophisticated machine and needs to do a good job of maintenance.(1) Regular replacement of lubricants.The new machine should be replaced after 5 hours of use. Change the oil every 50 hours or one working quarter later.The oil can be drained from the bottom drain hole or can be poured out from the top oil hole, and the oil drain should be done in the heat engine.(2 Clean the air filter, clean the air filter once every 50 hours or so, remove the air filter, remove the filter element, and tap it on a clean surface until the adsorbed dust shakes off. If the filter element is dirty, it should be replaced or washed with a mixture of low-foaming detergent and hot water, then rinsed with water and dried.(3) Keep the gasoline engine clean. Remove and replace the gasoline in the oil pipeline every year. Before cleaning the fuel filter, the gasoline in the fuel tank should be put in. Every time the grass is cut, the grass height is usually 2-3 cm, and the ornamental lawn should be 3 to 5 cm.

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