Use of M2I 5.7-inch blue and white screen on rotary powder packaging machine

I. Overview

It is mainly used for the packaging of small particles or powdery objects, such as milk powder, chicken essence, oat milk and other products. It requires high precision, accurate sequence control and accurate weight deviation calculation.

At present, most of the corresponding packaging equipments in China are controlled by single-chip microcomputers, which are inaccurate in accuracy, poor in resistance to dryness, frequent crashes, and weight drift. The cost of the single-chip microcomputer has always been high. According to the market demand, our company has developed a set of automatic control system controlled by touch screen, PLC and weight sensor. The system has strong anti-interference and control. High precision, can run 60 revolutions per minute, greatly improving production efficiency. For the zero drift phenomenon, we added zero drift automatic peeling function in the system. Even greatly improved the accuracy of each can weighed (up to 1%)

Second, the working principle and function

The device has two communication ports on the touch screen, which are serial ports 232 and 232 respectively. The serial port 232 is directly connected to the MASTER K PLC of LG Company, and the other 232 communication port is directly connected to a small weight sensor to convert the serial port circuit board. Refer to the connection diagram.

Connection diagram

The equipment control requires high precision and accurate calculation. The following figure shows the process diagram of the equipment.


The empty filling of the object enters the station 1 by the conveying line, and two proximity switches are installed between the station 1 and the station 2. When the first proximity switch is caused by the empty filling, according to the preset data, Determine whether it is necessary to automatically peel, automatically peeled, without filling. When the second proximity switch feels empty, the turntable stops after turning to station 2, the encoder rotates according to the pulse set at the beginning, and the material is sent to the air supply. After the pulse is zero, the encoder is turned off (next When the station comes again, the encoder is turned on again. The station is from 2 to 3. When the station 3 is set, the set weight is measured within 0.3 seconds, and the sample is sampled into the PLC. In the next 0.2 seconds, The difference between the value and the set value is compared with the set weight deviation. If the value is too large, the waste valve is opened and the number of pulses of the encoder is automatically corrected. If it is within the deviation range, after the station 5, the qualified filling will be automatically sent out. The whole calculation, comparison, and correction are completed in 1S.

The difficulty of this control is how the touch screen controls the load cell, and the data is correctly sampled and sent to the PLC for effective 32-bit calculation.

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