Use of wheat no-tillage planter and troubleshooting

No-tillage, wheat-covering and fertilizer-applying planter is the key to promoting the implementation of conservation tillage technology. Whether or not the implement can be correctly mastered and used will directly affect the exertion of its role. In order to help the majority of farmers to correctly master the use of the machine, their use and precautions are described below. First, the use of matters needing attention 1, before the job, we must first select the tractor and universal joints matching the machine; Second, we must carefully check whether the various parts of the machine tool rotation is flexible, whether the various gaps are normal, whether the lubrication parts into the lubricant Thirdly, according to the requirements of the user's manual, it is necessary to adjust the broadcast volume and conduct pilot test. After confirming the correctness, it can be put into formal operation. Finally, after supporting the implements and power, the racks must be left and right, and the front and rear sides (in this case, universal joints. The angle of the machine's horizontal plane shall be within 10 degrees.) If it is not in conformity, the length of the left and right pull rods of the tractor suspension mechanism and the central diagonal pull rod can be adjusted. 2. In the operation of erecting stalks, the land should first be properly leveled, such as watering furrows, and then the implements should be used again. 3. When operating, the speed of advancement of the implement should not be too fast, generally it should be kept in the range of 1-3 km/h, and its load size generally meets the agronomical requirements. Too much tractor load is too heavy, too shallow to meet the agronomic requirements, affecting emergence. 4, when starting, one must whistle; second, when the implement tool is 15 centimeters away from the ground, combine the power output shaft, make it idling for 1 minute, hang up the work file, slowly release the clutch pedal; at the same time operate the tractor hydraulic lifting adjustment handle, Then increase the throttle, so that the machine gradually into the soil, until the normal broadcast depth. Keep a straight line at a constant speed while driving to avoid shifting or stopping halfway. If it is necessary to stop the machine, do not move the machine back and forth to avoid replay or missing broadcasts. 5. When the implement is used with a tractor (Shanghai-50 type) with a force and position adjustment hydraulic suspension mechanism, the position adjustment should be adopted, and the handle thereof should be placed in a lifting position. It is forbidden to use force adjustment to avoid damage to the implement. The position adjustment handle Move downwards, machine tools fall, and vice versa. 6. When the implement is used with a tractor (such as the Tianjin-60 model) with a separate hydraulic suspension mechanism, the dispenser handle should be rapidly returned to the floating position after raising or lowering the implement. Do not place the handle on pressure drop or neutral position. , so as not to damage the machine. 7. When turning the ground, you should cut off the power of the machine and turn the machine up and then make a turn. When the machine is down, you should make the tool turn normally before you move into the ground. Slow down, proceed in progress, and avoid sudden drops. Machine tools, so as not to damage the tool and make the seed, fat opener blocked. 8. It is forbidden to go backwards in the operation. The personnel shall not be close to the moving parts; the station behind the machine is strictly prohibited. 9. Observe the quality of the work at any time in the work and notice that the abnormal phenomenon should be stopped immediately. If you want to check rotating parts or replace parts, you should cut off the power of the implement and, if necessary, extinguish the tractor. 10. During the operation, pay attention to adding the seed and fertilizer in time. The amount of seed and chemical fertilizer in the seed and fertilizer box shall not be less than 1/4 of the volume of the seed and fertilizer tank. When the relative soil moisture content is ≥70%, operations should be stopped. In order to improve the operation effect, it is best to choose the corn straw moisture content ≥ 41%. 11. When the implement transfers the ground, the implement shall be raised to the highest position and the locking device shall be used to lock the implement in the transport position. 12. For every 10 hours of operation of the machine tool, check the oil level of the fasteners, rotary cutters, and gearboxes, and add grease and grease to each bearing injection nozzle, universal joint telescopic tube, and chain. After each shift, the dirt, straw and weeds on the openers, rotary cutters and other components shall be cleared in time. For every 50-80 hours of operation, gear clearance should be adjusted once per instruction. Second, the elimination of common faults, the overall seeding device is not scheduled. The reasons are: Seed box is lack of seed, the transmission mechanism does not work, the driving wheel slips and does not rotate. The seeds should be filled, overhauled, and the transmission mechanism adjusted to eliminate the driving wheel slip factor. 2, monomer metering device is not seeded. The reasons are as follows: the seed wheel clamp, the key pin loosen and rotates, and the seed pipe or the following kind of plug is blocked. The seed wheel should be re-tightened to remove the input or plug underneath. 3, uneven planting. The reasons are: large changes in working speed, serious scratching of tongues, loosening of the outer sheaves, and changes in the working range. The uniform operation shall be maintained, the scraping tongues shall be replaced, the working length of the outer sheave shall be adjusted, and the clamps shall be fixed. 4, the high rate of broken seeds. The reasons are: the operation speed is too high, so that the transmission speed is high; the seeding device is damaged; the size and shape of the seed wheel are not adapted; the tongue scraping is too close to the seed wheel. Reduce the speed and uniform operation, replace the seeding device, use the appropriate seed wheel (disc), and adjust the distance between the scratching tongue and the seed wheel. 5, the depth of sowing is not enough. The reasons are: insufficient opener spring pressure; deformation of the opener drawbar, making the entry angle smaller. The spring should be tightened to increase the opener pressure; the opener puller should be calibrated to increase the inlet angle. 6, opener plug. The reasons are as follows: the precision seeder falls too fast, the soil is too wet, and the opener is reloaded after entering the soil. Stop and remove obstructions, pay attention to proper planting, and prohibit reversing during operations. 7, lax. The reasons are as follows: the angle of the earth-covering board is not correct, the spring pressure of the opener is not enough, the soil is too hard, the angle of the earth-covering board should be adjusted correctly, the spring is adjusted to increase the pressure of the opener, and the counterweight of the seeder is increased.

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