Using herbicides to grow onions

Onion and onion as spice crops have expanded their planting area. In the production of onion and onion due to the improper selection of herbicides often results in quarter production or no harvest, it will leave residual poison on the aftermath. In the non-pollution production of onions and onions, the use of herbicides is critical.

When onion seedlings are raised, 50% paracetamol WP 65-75 g per 40-60 kg of water can be sprayed per mu. Onion on seedlings can be used per acre 33% weeding through emulsifiable concentrate 100 ml, or 48% per acre with 150 ml of dimethine EC, but also with 50% herbicide per acre WP 150 g, respectively, water 50 kg spray.

Before transplanting onions, the onion can use 24% gourd 66-72 milliliters per acre, or 43% dry grass to 80-100 milliliters per acre, spraying 50-60 kilograms of water, respectively. Before the onion is transplanted after soil preparation, 48% trifluralin EC 100-150 ml/mu, or 48% diammonium EC 200 ml/mu, can also be used 50% Dahuili WP per acre. -150 grams, spray 50-60 kg of water.

After the onion is planted in the 3-4 leaf stage, 24% gourd 66-72 milliliters can be used per acre, or 43% dry grass spirit 80-100 milliliters per acre, respectively, spray 50-60 kilograms of water. After the onion is transplanted, it can use 33% weeding 100-150 ml per mu. Or use 50% Ligulon WP 100g/mu and spray 50-60kg water.

In order to improve the effect of applying herbicides on onions and onions, it should be noted that seedlings should be applied before emergence after sowing. After transplanting, it should be applied before seedling emergence after seedlings are planted. Onions were inactivated during the 2-leaf period and were carefully used before the 3-leaf period. When the temperature is low, sunny days before and after noon, when the temperature is high, the morning or afternoon application. Sandy soil should not be applied to paraquat.

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