Vegetable corn shoot cultivation method

Maize shoots are vegetable corn - the young ear of sweet corn. The edible parts are the ear tips of young female ears, cobs and growth cones. The taste is sweet and delicious. Corn shoots are rich in protein, amino acids, dietary fiber, and vitamin E. It is an excellent natural green nutrition dish that can be made into canned food. In recent years, the county has vigorously developed the cultivation of American gold series and Taiwan silver millet sweet corn, and the cultivated area has reached more than 6,000 hm2. It has also made great efforts to develop various kinds of deep-processed foods for corn shoots and achieved good economic benefits. The vegetable corn shoot cultivation method is introduced as follows.

First, choose a good seed, timely sowing

The sweet corn varieties such as U.S. Gold No. 3, No. 1, and Taiwan Gold and Silver Millet No. 8 were selected. Spring sowing is planted in mid-March, and autumn sowing is in mid-August.

Second, fine seedlings, timely transplanting

Leveling and thinning seedlings, hoe width 80cm, groove width 30cm, depth 30cm, apply 0.2ppm of compound fertilizer or paddy field compound fertilizer per m2, and take out diluted field mud to make into a tang-like shape (about 2cm in diameter). Leave no gaps, and then use your finger to press a small hole on each pellet. Be careful not to get too deep. After soaking, soak one seed per hole (without soaking) and cover with a thin layer of sand to prevent the seeds from being exposed. Use a spray bucket or watering can to soak the noodles and wet them for the first time. Afterwards, keep the noodles moist. After sowing, cover them with clean straw. When the buds are bare, immediately remove the straws gently. 2 days before transplanting. Apply "fed" fertilizer, spray with dilute urine. When the seedlings 2 leaves 1 heart can be transplanted.

Third, Shizujifei, appropriate dense planting

667m2 decomposed organic fertilizer 1000kg, plough turned flat, fine for 畦. The site preparation specifications were 110cm wide, 30cm wide, 25cm wide, 30cm30cm spacing, 3 rows per row, 5,000 5,000 plant species, 15cm15cm planting holes, and 20kg calcium magnesium phosphate fertilizer applied to each hole prior to transplanting. Superphosphate mixes well with the soil, and leaves the roots with water.

Fourth, scientific fertilization, reasonable irrigation

The principle of fertilization is to apply small seedling fertilizer in a timely manner, reapply jointing fertilizer and panicle fertilizer, and appropriately apply fertilizer to the roots. After each fertilization, it is combined with soil to prevent lodging, so be careful not to spill the fertilizer on the foliage or the bell mouth to avoid burning the seedlings. 3-4 days after planting Shi Xiaomiao fertilizer, 667m2 with urea 5kg flushing or buried in plant side 10cm; 8-9 leaf stage application of fertilizer, 667m2 with urea 15kg, potassium chloride 20kg buried in the land between plants Large bell mouth to tasseling 7 days before the application of panicle fertilizer, 667m2 with urea 30kg, potassium chloride 10kg buried in the ground; 5 days after transplanting and 5 days before the harvest of corn shoots for extra-root fertilizer, each spray 1 Sub 1000 times solution of Green Fenway 2 or potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

Sweet corn is not only wet and afraid of standing water, but it is generally required to keep the soil moist. Jointing to the tasselling stage is the most prosperous period for the development of corn shoots. This period requires a large amount of water. When drought occurs, it is necessary to inject “Happy Valley Water” in case of heavy rain. To remove water in a timely manner.

V. Prevention of pests and diseases

1, after sowing 667m2 with 1.5kg Miller mixed fine soil 30kg spread on the surface, after transplanting 667m2 with 1.5kg Miller mixed fine soil 30kg spread across the field, against underground pests.

2 jointing to the big bell mouth period, 667m2 with 98% Bataan 1000 times sprayed on the bell mouth to prevent corn borer.

3, control of aphids can be sprayed with 2.5% kungfu 3000 times per 667m2.

4. The main diseases are sheath blight, large and small leaf spot, anti- sheath blight can be 667m2 sprayed with 5% Jinggangmycin 600 times liquid, anti-big and small leaf spot can be 75% chlorothalonil per 667m2 or mine Domil 500 times spray.

Six, timely harvest

The best harvest time of the shoots is the end of the growth cone to the spikelet differentiation. At this time, the corn shoots are full and thick, fresh, sweet, and nutritious. Cut them gently with a small knife at the handle, generally every plant can be divided. Batch harvest 2-3 corn shoots.

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