Vegetable film punching and seedling is good

Traditional vegetable seedlings are generally planted with cover soil after the nursery is well-formed, and then bamboo bows and arches are inserted. Some are still laying a layer of plastic film after covering with soil, and then cover the arch film, until the emergence of vegetables, the flat film will be extracted, only cover a layer of arch film. The author in the actual work of the technology to improve the first shop mulch, and then hole seeding cover seeds, and then cover the arch, the emergence of vegetables when the film is not exposed, received good results.

The specific method is: first in accordance with the conventional whole seedbed, pouring soles, and then close to the bed cover a layer of plastic film, pay attention to the film surface should be as tight and flattened, surrounded by fine soil compaction, and then according to different types of vegetables in the film Surface sowing in accordance with the corresponding spacing. In order to increase the speed and quality of punching, a small “pile” can be nailed on a wooden board according to a predetermined spacing, and a simple “dust catcher” can be used. Drilling with a fixed seedling device can ensure uniform spacing of the seedlings and guarantee the depth of punching. The diameter of the orifice is basically the same. After sowing the seed, sprinkle a small amount of fine soil on the membrane surface. Use a soft broom to sweep the soil into the hole to cover the seed, then insert the bamboo arch and cover the arch membrane. When the vegetables emerged, they were allowed to grow out of the hole until they did not raise the mulch.

The benefits of this method of raising seedlings are quite obvious: First, the soil moisture in the seedbed is uniform, and the growth of the vegetable seedlings is basically the same; second, the average temperature of the soil in the seedbed can be increased, the soil in the seedbed is kept loose, and the root growth of the seedling is particularly beneficial, and the vegetable seedling is also enhanced. Cold resistance; Third, the plastic film cuts off the environment between the upper and the lower parts of the seedlings, which can keep the humidity of the seedbeds while maintaining the soil moisture in the seedbeds, thus effectively reducing the disease at the seedling stage of vegetables, and making the cultivated vegetable seedlings significantly more robust. Very few diseases.

This technique can also be used when using plastic trays or nutritious pots. Put the nutrient soil after the plastic plug or the nutrition bowl is well laid, scrape the surface with a wooden board, fill the bottom mold and then cover the plastic film, and drill and plant according to the spacing of the plastic plug or the nutrient bowl to ensure that each hole and each pile can be sown. Then, cover and cover the arch. This technique is also suitable for use in the cultivation of other crops such as corn.

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