Wanjinyou 322

Category: Rice Variety Name: Wanjinyou 322
Auditing No.: Guangdong Audited Rice 2008033
Variety sources: Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology, Guangdong Ocean University, Guangdong Tianhong Seed Co., Ltd., Wanjin A/HR322
Characteristics: Weakly sensitive three-line hybrid rice combination. The average growth period of late-planting was 116-118 days, which was 3 days later than Bo-you-122. Plant type CIMC, weak in tillering power and resistance to fall, large grains in ear, dense grains, and long grain in grain. The simulation of cold resistance was moderate in the booting stage and moderate in the flowering stage. Section 106.9 ~ 107.5 cm, spike length 22.0 ~ 23.5 cm, total number of grains per panicle 141 ~ 149, the seed setting rate of 83.2% ~ 86.1%, 15.9 grams of grain weight. The quality of late rice was identified as provincial standard 3, with a rate of 61.2% to 68.8% of the milled rice rate, a chalkiness rate of 26% to 33%, a chalkiness of 4.6% to 9.4%, and amylose of 22.6% to 24.2%. Consistency 40 ~ 50 mm, aspect ratio 2.9 ~ 3.2, eating taste quality points 72 ~ 75. The frequency of resistance to rice blast was 39.8%. The frequency of resistance to B group and C group was 32.4% and 53.9%, respectively. The incidence was heavier in the field; Bacterial blight was also found in the C4 and C5 groups. Feeling of performance.
Production performance: In late 2005 and 2006, the provincial production participated in the provincial trials, with an average yield of 454.1 kg and 479.7 kg respectively, which was 8.54% and 4.35% higher than the control group Boyou 122, respectively. The increase in production did not reach a significant level; To participate in the provincial production test, the average yield of 486.2 kg per mu.
Cultivation points: Special attention should be paid to the control of rice blast and bacterial blight, and it should not be planted in the areas where the rice blast disease history and the bacterial blight frequently occur. Produced in the early spring of Leizhou Peninsula, the difference between parents' age is about 7.8 leaves.
Planting area: Wanjinyou 322 is a weak-sensitive three-line hybrid rice combination. The late-average average growth period was 3 days later than Boyou 122. The high yield was comparable to that of the control. The quality of the late rice was identified as the provincial standard, high grade 3, rice blast and bacterial blight, and weak in cold resistance. It is suitable for the late-planting of the plains in the south-eastern and southwestern rice-growing areas of our province. Special attention must be paid to the control of rice blast and bacterial blight on the plains, and it should not be planted in the rice cultivars and bleeders. Comply with the certification standards for crop varieties in Guangdong Province and pass the examination and approval.

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